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    DIY ceramic coat

    Yes. I used shine supply beadlock. It's a lot of steps to do it properly. Starts with a good prep wash and clay. Then I cut and polished. Wiped any residue off and coated it. It's a forgiving product when it flashes. Use a lot of towels and good lights. It's still going strong over a year...
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    For Monkeywrench: Spot pics/ vids

    No question about that. I have to make sure I really want to see it.
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    For Monkeywrench: Spot pics/ vids

    Tap the three dots next to the volume option. Hit download. Once downloaded it will start to play. You will still only hear the video, but hit the three dot option in the corner while it is playing. Hit open with, tap media player. It will then be visible for those of you with android.
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    2006 Ultra Shadow (or any Ultra)

    No question Jeremy at shinesupply knows someone. So I agree with the above post to call or email. Jeremy is very responsive and will answer any questions you have. The price isn't shocking to me, if it was quality work like Jeremy or Kelly at shinedetailing llc, who learned from Jeremy. But...
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    Bluewater Marina Closed : But Casino Open 24/7

    https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeVGTWyB/ Well the ball didn't shear off, but the trailer did. 😳
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    I Wear Sunglasses - Lake Havasu

    I bought a pair of the floating dragons from Chris a few weeks back. I've also had Bombers. The Dragons do not float with foam simply attached to the frames. They look like regular glasses. I am very happy with them. They are polarized also. I would recommend them. I can confirm they float. Lol.
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    Rattlesnake at Pirates

    In this particular case it was a 357 revolver he carries on him specifically for snakes. Snake shot is basically bird shot in a handgun round just shoots pellets instead of a normal bullet.
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    Rattlesnake at Pirates

    Forget watching that video, no thanks. I also have snake shot. Learned that one hunting in Kansas with my brother in law. One time I was at his house going for a walk with my wife. I had my boots on luckily, I felt something heavy on my foot in the brush. F that, I high kicked so hard and fast...
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    Rattlesnake at Pirates

    Lol, same here.
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    Terminal cancer

    My grandmother had stomach cancer. They took a majority of her stomach. They gave her 6 months back then. That was just before I was born. I got 21 beautiful years with her. She went, but it wasn't the cancer that took her down. I hope the same for your friend.
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    Terminal cancer

    This is very sad to hear. Your friend is very lucky to have someone such as you in their life. I am sure you will both cherish these memories and glad you were able to have time together. Praying for your friend.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Wife and I had our second shot of Pfizer 22 hours ago. So far okay.
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    Shine Detailing in Yorba Linda Ceramic

    I've mentioned Kelly a few times on here. Kelly is a stand up guy. His work is nothing short of a craft. I've known him a long time. Thats where I get all my supplies for my vehicles and boat as he sells shine supply in his shop.
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    Boat Detailing in Ventura CA Area

    https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3ODQ2NjExMjA1MTMzMzE0?igshid=1vgpfm79nmk1f&story_media_id=2307549888298257875_27179137 Thats Jeremy stevens
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    Boat Detailing in Ventura CA Area

    Jeremy Stevens is in Ventura. https://stevensdetailing.com/