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    Serious question here....

    same back at ya Zig! hope you and the wife are having a great time, and Happy New year!
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    Greg ,or Grads

    Greg get better soon brother! hope all is well and you recover 100% love and aloha! ~Jason
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    Serious question here....

    Hanging in there bud! just busy with family stuff, and trying to remain busy in tough times! how about yall?
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    Serious question here....

    My wife and I laugh and fart each other awake every morning! it is a great part of being a carbon based life form here on earth! lol!
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    RIP Neil Peart

    Rush never left anything out, never left each other and remained faithful, faithful to each other, faithful to the formula of their success, and Faithful to the fans....forever an immovable rock Neal Peart will be, for one for all and for eternity...Rest In Peace to the greatest percussionist...
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    Any North Shore Oahu connections?

    go Walmart..buy one tent and stay on da beach brah… bes place fo see da surf and da wahines! ill be in da surf.. im home from oct 5 to oct 21 getting married :D good luck and enjoy your stay!
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    what have you sold that u regret selling w/engine

    too many regrets....my 1958 Volkswagen Single cab, my 1963 VW 3 door truck, and my 1967 5th window delux bus with rag top...
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    What is “too early” for boat start-up on the Parker Strip?

    If you can see light.....its time to fire up! :D
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    There's more important shit at stake folks...wake up!

    Im in Escondido, got 3 trees, got you covered Greg! :D
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    Cool 60s Psychadelic tunes

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    Cool 60s Psychadelic tunes

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    Cool 60s Psychadelic tunes

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    Son is looking for a stand up jet ski 750 1990 and up

    Yep he has perfected his craft!
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    Son is looking for a stand up jet ski 750 1990 and up

    Nioce AP Designs paint there! :D
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    20 Million Dollar Scarab.

    there's one parked in a yard over in Vista Ca......