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    The Biden Thread

    How fricken ridiculous. Comparing tax returns while on the public teat for 21 years with private enterprise earnings. What a buffoon.
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    The Biden Thread

    Pathetic. So do you think the DNC will keep him away from reality and not debate Trump? I’d put it at 60-40 no debates right now. Yesterday I saw a NYT Democrat advocate, er political journalist, wrote Biden should demand Trump release tax returns to Congress or he won’t debate Trump...
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    The Ant And The Grasshopper

    BINGO! Debate that totalitarians!
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    Hello from Wisconsin! Looking for Deck Boat Advice...

    Good luck with your search. Have you checked out Conquest in Havasu?
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    Tucker is on Fire.

    I did. In fact I had to rewind it to make certain I heard her correctly. Just another time I asked myself if they truly believe what they are saying and take no responsibility for the actions of looters, thieves and murderers that prey on the vulnerable...or do they just stand there and flat...
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    Tucker is on Fire.

    Tonight was another assault and uncovering on the destructive beliefs and policies the Democrats support at the expense of our most vulnerable communities. When the black activist guest spoke about the failure of Democrats abandoning of these communities in their own cities it broke my heart...
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    Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in connection with sex-trafficking probe

    “You are a tool at best and most likely a victim of the tactics they have chosen to manipulate and agenda that is so far removed from your best interests as to be unidentifiable.” You need to look in the mirror. Don’t be a fool and continue to support the lies and destructive actions these...
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    Bubonic plague reported by China

    Marmot. Came up on one while hiking in Idaho in May. Pretty big fella. Larger than a raccoon.
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    Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in connection with sex-trafficking probe

    I’d like to think so, but in order for that to happen, things need to change 180 degrees from past outcomes with Clinton connected individuals. Won’t hold my breath.
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    F-IN Media!! POTUS on Fox

    Not that I read all articles on this subject, but has just one of the so-called expert organizations had their predictions or calculations actually come true? I noticed how this article now uses the term “suggests”. What a strong conviction they have. 😆
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    It's Friday - Time for a Drink

    Will do! Thanks for the tip.
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    It's Friday - Time for a Drink

    Got to start the weekend with 18 holes this morning. Made two birdies so that started the day off with shots from the birdie flask. Getting ready to fire up the Kamado Joe and have some chicken tonight. Have a great weekend all.
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    Happy 4th to you, Old Glory...Happy Birthday!

    I AM OLD GLORY. Thanks so much for sharing that. Very powerful.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell arrested , hope "she doesnt hang herself"

    I think this takes the story to a whole new level. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ghislaine-maxwell-rape-testify-evil-epstein
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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Been bummed we cannot see any shows these past few months. Can’t wait for things to open up again. Saw Alex Williams play in front of Whitey Morgan in November at the Roxy. Last live show we’ve seen.