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    1995 Donzi Classic 22 - $22,900

    Hot damn thats a sexy bitch!
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    Does anyone know this motorhome

    That's the golden years of motorhomes right there, 2001-2007ish.. The Dynasty's are such a well made coach and so well appointed from the premiere coach builder of the day. I'm guessing original owner, He prolly doesn't want to waste time dicking around with some guy poking and prodding for...
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    Max 5

    I bought a couple 5 blade props from Hill. I'd never go back to anything less for my application. I have a 26' Sleekcraft Enforcer. Bravo 1. The older anemic 330 hp set up. But, the 5 blade is so smooth and a much better holeshot. I think the 5 blade props are better for mid performance/speed...
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    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    I just cancelled my Katherines room 6th thru 9th along with my slip on the lake. MIL Alzheimer's is preventing my wife from leaving her family at this time. My wife already has instructions to drug me up and roll me over the bow in Topock if i ever get that bad. Have a good run to the Dam 2020!
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    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Glove and mask with for the pandemic secret handshake!
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    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    Just made reservations today at Katherines hotel. The Rileygroup code was a big savings, thanks. I got my slip as well. Coming in on the 6th till 9th. Katherines landing phone # 928 754 3245
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    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Just made my Katherines hotel reservations for August 6-9th. Got my slip too. Mention Riley group for a big discount (thanks!)
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    Fence company near long Beach

    There is no better than StraightGate in Lakewood I believe. Don't bitch about the wait, dont complain about the price. If you want dead nuts right on quality and innovation this is your company. 562 882 0759
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    Extreme vs. Shadow

    Shadow. I think Fritz opened another location next to Ultra last year or before. Cypress and Havasu. Innovative solid stuff.
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    [WTS] Eddie Marine manifolds bbc NEW

    I'll give you my stimulus check for 'em!
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    The Lake Havasu Dimension...

    I spent 2 or 3 years in storage in Havasu, used local shops, builders, tried to get an interior and got bs'ed, got tired of rip off Havasu Marina games and "her". I just brought the boat home to Long beach and go visit Havasu when I want, I gave up on trying to get things done. I am going back...
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    More Casinos that MAY not open......

    The Belle was part of a 3 casino sale last year, the Aquarius, Belle and Edgewater. The Belle has 600 feet of riverfront, don't think for a minute they aren't gonna level it and build when the time is right. It makes no sense to steal customers from yourself with the 3 casinos.
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    Dual sport/enduro

    It really depends on your use. If you're going to use it offroad I'd stay away from the 650L. I had one, then an xr400, then a KTM 525 and now a tricked out, puched out CRF 250/270X. You can find a very nice low hour KTM 450/525 for 4k give or take. The 04-07 RFS motor is absolutely bulletproof...
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    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    Kiethco +1........or more if we do well in the Losers Lounge!