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    RV/Boat detail guy in Long Beach/OC area

    Someone asked about a good detailer in the area. I found this guy, Caesar, through my RV club. Hand wash, and was finished with UV protectant, he said was ceramic. Polished my Alcoa's, window frames and glasswork. $600.00 I'm taking it to Mexico to get painted but now going to wait a year on...
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    CA DMV Sux?

    I almost got towed from in front of my office building last Thursday. I paid my fees, smogged, insurance certs on file........in July 2020. Last Friday tried to make an appointment, no longer taking appointments online. Called the number, got a callback 2 hours later, can't help me, I need to...
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    Mobile boat detailer near Long Beach?

    Cesear, Does lots of RV's, doing mine on Tuesday. He's in Cypress. Cesear, 714 363 2634
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    CNC Motors Fraud Investigation

    It was only a matter of time before this guy gets seperated from his money. CNC just got to him first. I can't believe how many red flags and mistakes in this purchase. I don't think he'll see the car or his money again.
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    WHOA! WTF happened to Vegas?!

    $fiddy dollar room rates. Cheaper than a motel 6 in the IE, why stay home? Not my words, more than one Casino manager told me this last year. Most are begging for a consensus to raise the room rates across the board.
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    What to do in Ft Lauderdale

    Buy the watertaxi pass for 35-40 bucks or so. We bounced around the area all day. These boaters are serious. Ft Lauderdale claims to be the yachting capitol of the world, lots of crazy stuff to see in the slips.
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    WTB VW bug motor

    What area are you in? Don at Foreign Unlimited in Long Beach 562 428 0106, is one of the most renowned engine builders around. Been doing 'em since the 70's. He knows what works, doesn't, works with your budget. Chris, the owner, is an old V-dub racer. My friend Mark Kessenich is a hard core VW...
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    Anyone use the portable Traeger?

    Costco sells them when they have the traeger road show. Couple hundred bucks, 200-300, comes with an invertor and a cover. It's called the Scout. I carry one in my RV. I took out the Weber Q and carry a Blackstone and the Traeger now.
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    Free To Good Home - 55" Panasonic Plasma TV

    Just checking back, I’m free any time Tuesday to pick up. Sure, #?
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    Free To Good Home - 55" Panasonic Plasma TV

    I'm in Lakewood, I just put an old 32" up in the garage yesterday for superbowl. This power sucking plasma would make a nice upgrade, I'll take it, I can pick it up now. 562 244 0244
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    Hill Props 5 Blade has anyone tried one? If not you should. Worked fantastic everywhere on my Hallett 210

    I have a 21 and a 23 5 blade from Hill Marine. The 21 acts like a 23 and the 23 acts like a 25. They said this is the case with these props. I run the 23 when I do the damn run or Laughlin to London Bridge, the 21 for most everything else. My wife who knows nothing about the subtleties of...
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    Run away cowards

    I'm so tired of the "can't wait to leave this dump" chant. The bottom line is it's mostly money. It's expensive to live here, yes it is. But once you get to the other states the only thing really cheaper is housing. Food, toys, hookers, all cost about the same. There's no better place, in my...
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    WTB ultra shadow 26 or 27!!!!!!

    Pricing on the above boat if O.P. isn't interested.
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    SoCal speed and marine

    I'm not sure of what your message is, I think I know, but not entirely sure. Are you a shop in So Cal? It sounds like you're down to about 30% capacity, if that's the case and you're local to So Cal and you're an honest guy, can I schedule a service?
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    Vaccine info

    You wont start making antibodies for 10 days after the vaccine. Then, it's a 3 week ramp up to 80% efficacy, hence the 2nd shot which brings you to 100%. I just started making antibodies today. I feel more force-fieldish already!