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    Vaccine Yes or No (place your vote)

    this is absolutely terrifying. I saw another one on tt or rumble the other day and within minutes, the entire VAERS website was down for several days. Website now looks 100% different with zero data and no search option - they are hiding it all which means it's 100% true. Scary, scary stuff...
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    AVA on Netflix , two thumbs up !

    We watched it last night too after seeing it recommended here. Not bad. And definitely 100x better than any crap on terrestrial propaganda tv.
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    Netflix recommendation: The Queen's Gambit

    We are on Epi 3 - it really is very good - highly recommended.
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    So is there any toyhaulers that aren’t complete piles of shit???

    our friends had one and painted a giant K before the "RAPTOR" lol
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    The Map is Coming!!!

    Without massive election fraud (and the sf mob), NV is very much RED & sissledick was never even a topic. This needs to be fixed, it's BAD. Every country in this world requires you to prove your citizenship prior to voting except the greatest country in the world, the USA. It is mindboggling.
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    The Map is Coming!!!

    Y'all are crazy and no I don't watch any msm. Do you even know what Hammer and Scorecard are and the egregious fraud that has occurred? Straight from the programmer's mouth. Search the interwebs using a safe engine like duckduckgo bc google is heavily censoring anything right.
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    Parler is a conservative version of twitter. The comparable apps to bookface are mewe and wimkin and they too are having performance issues because of the massive flight from zuckertwat's app.
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    Trump in Bullhead

    Wow this is so awsm - great so see so many kids there too - gives me hope! MAGA AGAIN!
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    Call out thread ***attention glamis freaks***

    was using Chrome FYI and yes, thanks, I got an order confirmation email! See u guys out there and thanks for what u do :-)
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    Jeremy is the best!
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    Calico & Owl Canyon. Worth the visit? Any takes on the trails?

    We just spent last weekend there - camped in the bush off Odessa Canyon. We had a blast - did Odessa, Doran, Pucker Pass, Mule Cnyn, Tin Can Alley up to Bismark Mine and all the back roads out there. Did some skeet shooting off Tin Can (picked up all our shells). It was awsm. We have a TJ...
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    Call out thread ***attention glamis freaks***

    So I tried to preorder a shirt - got as far as the paypal screen at checkout and a box popped up that said you're logged out bc it has been more than 240 seconds. It was less than 5 seconds. Have no idea if the order went thru or not.
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    Delta Trip Oct 1st - 4th Hookie Day

    I think it opens around noon. We were there about 3 weeks ago - only allowed in the bar to pick up ur beer then had to go outside (we were the only ones there at lunch time). Food was "meh" at best. Place was filthy and the few workers that were there looked like their favorite pet had just...
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    Looking for our first RV

    As it has been mentioned already, DPs are made for 2 people - any more than that is a pain in the ass. We have a 40' Tiffin Allegro Bus & tow a 26' Enclosed that is self contained for the brats - fits a 5 seat Funco, 2 Quads & a truck-bed of firewood. We unload at camp and it has 2 queen...
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    This is so helpful and some great advice in here. We looked at the New Hollands as suggested above, also looked at the Cats & Kubotas and while everything you guys said is right on, we keep coming back to the size. The problem we face up there is no trees but also tons of close forest land...