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    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    I'm retired WM driver, and my SIL still drives for them. No way a new WM driver is making 88k a year (maybe sort of close) and definitely NO weekends off for many years.
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    Long Beach now owns the Queen Mary

    He was an old neighborhood friend of my brothers. His name was Wayne Hussey. The only thing sticking out of the mud was his elbow. He was kind of a crazy kid, so this didn't surprise us.
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    Ceramic Coating

    My next door neighbor decided it was a good idea to paint the hood of his truck in the driveway. He over sprayed my pick up that was parked in my driveway. If it wasn't for ceramic oat it would have been a disaster. It all came of with just a good wash job. Thanks to Detail Specialties!
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    Pool Re-plaster

    We just finished our remodel in Havasu. We used Advantage Pools for ours and are very happy with the result. We used a mini pebble and it looks great.
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    Pool question for the HVAC guys.

    We've had a Heliocoil system in Havasu for 17 years. Original had the terra cotta colored panels, after a few years they faded out to almost white. Mojave solar, did the original install said, "That's not right" and replaced all 12 panels with black....at NO CHARGE! This system gets us about a...
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    Flying X

    They are protecting their licenses......rightfully so!
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    Carpet Installation Havasu

    Dave Grizwald 928 486-8630
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    Protesters coming to the London Bridge

    I'm pretty sure you have the wrong company in your post. It was the head of Papa John's you were referring to.
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    I've spent many days floating in the channel with him and Kathleen, and I must say he's fascinating to talk boats with. If you've ever seen one of his "Finish Line" builds, they are awesome boats.
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    Need batteries in Havasu...Recommendations/suggestions?

    All American battery.....by the swap meet.
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    Credit Card Processing Havasu

    Femmy's Merchant Services 928 566-9956
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    Havasu 2 stroke motorcycle service needed.

    Mobile Moto Sports AJ Scoggins.....928 575-7556 He used to manage AZ West shop. He really knows his stuff
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    Havasu House Cleaner

    Thanks Walt for the recommendation. We have sold our boat (Whiskey Tango). Last I heard the new owner hasn't changed or removed the name or the company name or ph# on the side. Thanks again.....this is Jim.
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    Looking for a short term rental house in Havasu!

    Our daughter & SIL are in need of a rental house in Havasu. They are having a new house built and their house has sold, they need it from (approx dates...mid January until May /June) while their house is finished being built. No kids, 2 small dogs, steady solid income, very clean living couple...
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    Havasu Car Wash

    I had my truck ceramic coated by Chris, and he said they still did mobile. I'm gonna have them wash our company trucks on a regular basis.