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    ********** Dog and Andy's 2020 V-Drive Event. NEW VIDEO ***********

    Check out Dog and Andy's 4th Annual V-Drive Event from last weekend. Video shot and edited by KKJ Media Check out the Video...... 👇👇👇 Check out KKJMedia.com for more. Website- KKJMedia.com Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Hgb1CkYVamxxxm3VO8qhg Instagram-...
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    ****** The Delta Lunch Bunch 2020 Video ******** NEW VIDEO

    The annual Delta Lunch Bunch 2020 Video from Lake Shasta, CA. Video shot and edited by KKJMedia. KKJMedia.com A special thank you to Bridge Bay Resort and the local Sheriff's department for their continued support and accommodations. Check it out......
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    Dog & Andy V-Drive Run (4th Annual) - ROLL CALL

    I’ll be there trying to make another epic video for you all!! 👍🏼
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    Boating Video.... Send It!!!

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    Boating Video.... Send It!!!

    Last day of boating on the Delta for 2019. Video shot yesterday KKJMedia.com
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    DCB’s New M28 Vlog Video

    New Vlog Video of DCB’s M28. Something different. Shows the entire trip to Lake Elsinore, Ca. Thank you to DCB Performance Boats!! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel
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    [SOLD] Sold

    Can you email me your phone number so I can call you to discuss purchase? KKJMedia1@gmail.com Thanks
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    2007 Ford F150 (Supercrew Lariat XLT) For Sale

    Super clean 2007 Ford F-150 SuperCrew XLT (Crew Cab) Lariat for sale. Completely immaculate inside and out. Clean title, never been in a accident. I’m the second owner (first owner was my father). Comes with.... (fully loaded) RWD 5.4 v8 engine Short Bed 5.5 box Crew Cab Leather...
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    [WTS] Labbed 31.5 pitch prop.

    I have a buddy who doesn’t have an account on here but saw your ad and wants this. He’s heading out to Havasu tomorrow night. If you can send me your contact info to KKJMedia1@gmail.com I’ll pass it to my buddy and have him reach out ASAP. Thanks.
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    The 2019 DCB Regatta, Lake Havasu.

    Check out the video for the 2019 DCB Regatta. Shot and edited by KKJ Media. Link to video....
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    2019 Lake Powell Challenge Video

    Thanks Tommy
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    2019 Lake Powell Challenge Video

    Would rather not comment in writing on that. We can talk in person.
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    2019 Lake Powell Challenge Video

    The 2019 Lake Powell Challenge Video. Shot by KKJ Media.
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    RDP Big Cat 2019 Video!!

    Thank You
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    Dog & Andy’s V-Drive Video

    Check Out Dog & Andy’s V-Drive Event Video by KKJ Media. KKJMedia.com Instagram- KKJMedia1 Facebook- KKJMedia YouTube- KKJMedia