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    Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands on Fire

    3rd party storage facility, no conveyance and very few people. My guess is lithium battery fire. Just a guess but its super common
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    Virtue signaling CEO's

    I got an email telling me to find someone of color and ask them to tell me how much harder their life is, Are you serious?? My life hasnt been a bowl of cherries either but I pull on my work boots everyday and work my butt off to get in a better place. I have nobody to blame but myself and...
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Nobody can see the trailer out on the lake anyways.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Trailer wasnt my worry, the outdrive would drag if I kept it stock.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    No but I could do that, The fenders at that height though sit right at the water level and give the perfect indication on depth for launching and getting back on the trailer. It is actually very functional. I made it easily Un-Fuckable to return back to stock if I change houses or sell.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Before and After
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Thats exactly what I needed, the tires are barely 2 years old so the plan was taller tire at 4 years. Old picture of the place but the bottom of the driveway at the street was a challenge with a low trailer and outdrive hanging off the back.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    They are drop axles, Its taller but not quite 4x4 status
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    yes thats what I did.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Its an extreme trailer that was really low and would drag on anything more than a std driveway. Dont have to back in deep at all, Truck right to the waterline and boat fenders just at water surface. Easy to unfuck (LOL), I welded new perches and used all new ubots and plates.
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    Flipped Boat trailer axles?

    Haha, thats me, I welded new perches on it and put the axles under the springs. Got all new ubolts and plates for it when I did it. I have been in the suspension industry for years. No camber issues, no towing issues. When I back it in the water the rear trucks tires are right at the water...
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    What happened, where I'm at now...and of course my take on COVID.

    Oh crap, two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with my right ear plugged, heart pounding and screaming in my ear so loud I couldnt sleep, Of course with covid said no hospital needed. It went 90% away in a couple days but still a little ringing in my ear, Maybe its time to see...
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    Old RV/Boat- Zep Floor Polish

    I have done 2 RVs now. Makes them look new. Last 2-3 years.
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    2008 Yamaha Long Travel Rhino

    perfect Havasu beer runner
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    2020 Domn8er 26 Deck Brand New!!

    HAHAAA SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!