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    The Outboard Church

    I sincerely appreciate Bill's passion for speed. I've never owned an STV. I've been in a few with 2.5 & one with 250XS. I'd LOVE to hear from people with experience in both about the handling characteristics & prop choice. I really hope he props it for acceleration around the twisty Delta &...
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    Just gonna shut it down???????
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    2013 Spectre 32' Cat Twin 300XS's!!!

    This is an incredible machine
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    Wmc let me know if u guys wanna grab lunch or dinner tomorrow
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    Icon golf carts?

    I've been outta the golf cart business for a few years after 25+ years in it. There's several off brand carts manufacturers from overseas that come & go often just changing names for a reason. Just my opinion that means next to nothing. I'd buy a EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha because I know you can...
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    The Outboard Church

    My bud stopped by in the demo 36 Performance Powerboats while my crew was trying to finish my dock for our cruiser. What a sexy girl
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    I believe we are gonna head west tomorrow. Probably Moonies, Wet Spot, Red Fox, Big Dicks Halfway Inn, Boondockz, then float in channel by my house @ 39mm. Hope to see u guys & BADASS new float
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    Winner winner
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    Let me know if u wanna cruise with us tomorrow. Might hav 2 seats available but it would be snug. We like to run 25-27mph
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    Thats a good central location. I've heard the rooms are adequate but definitely not upscale. Almost straight across the lake from there is Papa Chubbys, they have great food & mediocre service. The new Cave Bar is only +/- 6 miles away. If you are running a tri toon my buddies that own them say...
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    Wmc & Wendi at LOTO. Stay Toon'd

    Let me know if you need a hand with anything or a place to park a truck & trailer. We will be out tomorrow on our 32' cruiser. We are at 39mm, what mile marker are you at & what do you want to see? We live at the quiet side of the lake
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    I want to get my 14 y/o a 17' Whaler

    Your boys will make a LIFETIME of memories on 1 of those. They may even take Mom & Dad out on it once in awhile........
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    MT summer trip…Aviation

    Incredible pics
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    Hammers Delta Adventure- The Hamlett Shakedown

    Hambone, find this island this week with your 2 boats & u will b there all day. Right where Mokelumne meets SJR