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    JEEP Gladiator + $$$$ + 45" Tires + Gooseneck Trailer Towing = 1 Very Hot Rig

    Here is my 2018 w/ 37's. Leveled suspension had to trim and still ripped the inner fender wall off.
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    School me on Jeeps

    Im down
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    So...Is Cancel Culture working?

    boycott any of these 11 companies and look how many products you actually have to stop buying in order to stop supporting them.
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    School me on Jeeps

    go w/ the anti rock over the sway bar disconnects, I just got the same lift for mine, I love it.
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    School me on Jeeps

    I have the same in mine, love it.
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    Worst Trend in Trucks

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    Jeep got some work done

    Just order them, thanks!
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    Jeep got some work done

    The previous owner had a POS rough country lift on my TJ. I finally ripped it all out and upgraded to a Currie Rock Jock short arm lift. All double adjustable control arms with jonny joints new front and rear track bar, new shocks, anti rock,new rear sway links new rear drive shaft, front drive...
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    School me on Jeeps

    Good looking Jeep. I don't know much about anything, but wanted to throw this out there. I'm having my 04 TJ upgraded w/ the Currie Rock Jock short arm as well (and some other fun stuff) Rock Tech (the shop building it) said to pass on fancy fox shocks, said its not needed...said no need on a...
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    This seems slightly intrusive and hard to enforce.

    I thought that was already a law...
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    Snow Chains for 37" Tires

    I want to go play in the snow this year, I assume I'll need chains? Any recommendations on where to get chains for 37x12.5x18?
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    8yr old sons getting made fun of

    That sucks! Like the other guy said, just make sure he know he's an awesome kid.
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    Havasu RV Parks recommendations

    We stay at Havasu Landing. Absolutely love it, its quite, perfect for families. (3) lunch ramps, lots of trails, only downside is only one bar / restaurant other than the casino. Staff at the casino is sub par.