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    Section 179 & S-corps

    For me the answer was no, we spit it up into 2 years to maximize the depreciation.
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    Quote of the week!

    Sorry, this was too good. This is next weeks winner. 😂 in the "Chinese state media threatens Australia with missile strikes" thread
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    [WTS] 2006 Honda Civic

    My brother is interested when you post pics.
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    no more masks....per CDC

    Its going to be an honor system. At the end of the day the science is clear, the mask does not do much other than virtue signal and placate to peoples delicate sensibilities. We have had people crowding into places for a year. Cases are dropping, deaths are dropping, even as things reopen. It...
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    Just got the shot.

    Oh the JnJ is back?
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    What's the latest on Solar????

    Did you post up any details of the new place? The South UT deal pops into my head several times a week. I'm nervous to make the trip up there because it might force my hand lol. Congrats by the way.
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    no more masks....per CDC

    Agreed, if they were, why is it even open in the first place. Where is King James' #accountability? 😂 😂
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    Universal income expanding..?!

    More like systemic.
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    Chinese state media threatens Australia with missile strikes

    Life has been so much better without the mean tweets.
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    no more masks....per CDC

    Its going to be interesting to see how hard they cling to the mask now that Jao said you can take them off. At the end of the day my time isn't worth arguing with someone at an establishment about it. I will take my business elsewhere. I will generally respect the sign on the front door if they...
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    no more masks....per CDC

    My wife and I were JUST talking about this after our lunch fiasco. About 50% of people choose to get the flu shot It varies a little but that is probably not going to change much. Those that DONT get the flu shot are probably not likely to get a covid shot. The covid shot will spike a bit above...
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    no more masks....per CDC

    Its going to be like an avalanche of businesses saying the same thing for the next week.
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    Section 179 & S-corps

    The fact that it can be used on used trucks is great as well.
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    no more masks....per CDC

    Well my first mistake was to go into Lebron James' Blaze Pizza for lunch today.. (my son chose it). Wife wore a mask, my son and I did not. Got yelled at from across the restaurant I needed a face covering by Gen with a G. Ok whatever (there was a Mask Required sign on the door), I walk back out...
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    Section 179 & S-corps

    Purchase. I bought it through the business, but my accountant said with an LLC it does not matter a whole lot either way. Based on my projections, the truck will be about "free". Basically the write off gave me everything back that I will lose on depreciation when I sell the truck. The plan is...