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    OC CCW Renewal info

    Yeah, definitely answer or you go to the back off the list of calls again. Mine was quick. A buddy got stuck through the C-19 deal and was put on hold but passed right along when they restarted. In San Bernardino County, took me about 45 days start to finish. Dec/Jan of 2019/2020 Pre C-19. My...
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    Damn Dam Run SHIRTS. 2021

    It will be my first time joining. From the details I have, meet at 9 A.M. August 14th outside the buoy line at Katherines Landing and head up towards Hoover dam. A couple stop offs for re fuel and maybe a beach or two on the way. We’re excited to join and get the different scenery this year.
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    [WTB] Looking for a 21' Eliminator Daytona hull with interior.

    Wow sorry to see that, that was a beautiful looking boat.
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    Hello, my name is @shlbyntro and I have a problem (LAM)

    Well, looks like all you need now is a 40’ + boat to tow with it... 🤪 J/K looks well kept.
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    Damn Dam Run SHIRTS. 2021

    Riley1. 2XL Tanks, 2XL Shirts, 2 XS Shirt, 2 Women’s M shirts. DLC . 1- 2xl tank, 2-3xl shirt Cole Brewed. 1-2x t-shirt, 2-xl t-shirt, 2-l t-shirt Jump pack JB- 1 2X tank and 2, 3x tshirts. MV Mike- 1 3xl Tshirt 1 Med womans T Budman-(1) 3x shirt (1) 3x tank (1) large woman tank V6toy4x-...
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    2021 Damn Dam Run. Updates will be posted periodically on the 1st post throughout the year. Shirt Thread now open

    Was looking for a 30. Think it would be a big deal squeezing a 26 in a 24 spot? edit: finally booked my room and a 13x24 slip as all others were book d. They had 10x25 available but figured what the heck, rather have the width. They said as long as I don’t hang out past 2’ I should be good...
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Yeah exactly! If that $87,500 from Walmart is based on a 40 hour work week, that’s $42/hour. What are they making after OT? I would be inclined to say the AZ traffic isn’t as bad as the CA congestion, but last time I drove through Phoenix rush hour, it sure seemed the same to me. No way they...
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Lol I am aware. The $23/$25 rates we had high turn over which is why we had to up it again (3rd time in a year now). We are in the $27-$29 depending on experience. The drivers that have been with us got the bump to the $29 as well. This is $60k with out the OT @ time and half which they can have...
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Beat them, maybe not every year, but I’m sure with the work load I have going on my drivers right now, they will likely be at the 6 figures. Plus the benefits, they are doing well. Same here. I have the CDL just to have it. Although, since I broker a lot too, I like running all the routes first...
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Yeah I saw that. I have hired a few good ones recently but we are having to go from $23 to $25 to now I think offering $27-$29 an hour for class A. You add in the 2-3 hours of OT daily. It’s good money.
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Yeah it never ends well but glad they got out. I’m really curious to see how the industry does in the next 5-10 years. You have a lot of the 55-65 YO that, to me, were the badass Cowboy drivers from back in the day, calling it quits. My dad in this group along with all his colleagues I have met...
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    As @DRYHEAT mentioned, basically. There is a “split” option. Two shifts of driving, 2 hour drive and 8 hour drive (either can go first) with a break in between but this will delay your reset and now pushes your next start time. Domino affect. I don’t drive regularly anymore but the times I...
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    Awesome Havasu house in an amazing location!

    Thanks for the quick response 👍
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    Now that’s an anthem.

    Gives me the chills EVERY time! 🇺🇸
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    This became law years back, it’s either slow down, move over, or get cited. Think this goes for anyone towing. Plus I’m sure LEO’s/construction workers appreciate not being almost ran over or blown over when there isn’t much of a shoulder. Trucks move over in advance, cars get mad, move over too...