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    Thompson bay accident

    Prayers for o good outcome.
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    2014 Bennington 2350QCL Tri-Toon for sale

    2014 Bennington 2350 QCL Tritoon for sale. Just over 100 hours on a wonderful Merc 200 Verado with power steering, DTS helm/gauges, fish finder and 30-gal fuel tank. Full playpen cover and stored mostly indoors. Champagne with red accent, Sea Grass flooring, SRS Performance and Rough water...
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    Hahaha Irregular Migration

    OMG, another “Term.” I think I will still use the (admittedly rather blunt) term of “Illegal”
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    AZ-Chandler Commies

    This seems wrong on a few levels. Gonna be interesting to follow in court.
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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Coming back on the 40 this afternoon and saw a truck with large trees (I think) off the side in Newberry Springs. A long set of miles later, malmost to Goff’s was a burnt carcass
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    RIP SBCO Sgt. Vaca

    RIP Sgt Vaca. We have the watch. I’ll be interested to know the shithead’s background and how early he was released.
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    Monday traffic?

    Traffic here in LHC is great. Stop by
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    American flag not allowed..

    thanks, i missed that as i went through it too fast..I thought "Harsh Property Mgt" was a description, not a name...lol
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    American flag not allowed..

    Please out the prop mgt person/company. the phone is not enough, the company name is now a battle ground!! I will drive up every chance I get to help.
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    Toons for sale??

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    Toons for sale??

    we have a 14 Bennington 2350 QCL with all the under stuff and a Verado 200 we are thinking of letting go. Still in great shape..
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    Who camps with a gun?

    And ankle.
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    Who camps with a gun?

    Always.....at least, um, er, one - yeah that’s it at least one. Lol
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    Following another story out of Michigan

    Wow! Weaponizing the Judiciary are we?
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    Road rage on the 55 freeway this morning results in 6 year old being shot/dying.

    Rod, I will suggest you not just post agenda driven summaries of statistics re gun violence on a particular segment and make is seem it is a universal application. Please take the time to investigate the perpetrators responsible for the VIOLENCE they brought to these victims. That may shed...