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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    sunday throwback. not bad..
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Rebuilt my Holley carb today on the ol 83' Sleekcraft. The person I bought it from had it sitting for 2 years without draining the gas so it had some carb symptoms. Hopefully the rebuild has the symptoms fixed by the 4th. Ran it yesterday and feels like it ran a lot better. Fingers crossed!
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    Boat market

    I agree. I was not in the boat market due to the insane prices. But, good floats still come along. Def dont push it and go on craigslist at this exact moment and buy something. Take your time and wait for the right boat. I think we are in it with these prices for 2 more years but it will 100% crash.
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    New boat and Bimini advice

    appreciate the feedback guys. called all the recommendations and prices were pretty steep and 2 months out on a build. Found a company in Carlsbad that had my dimensions and color in stock. Will have it by Wednesday. quality might not be what I want it to, but it will work for this season and...
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    New boat and Bimini advice

    I see what you did there. Appreciate it. Ill call him tomorrow.
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    New boat and Bimini advice

    I Bought a new to me 19 foot sleekcraft. She needs a Bimini instilled. Im located in the menifee / canyon lake area. Do any of you guys have any leads to help me out. Were going out on fathers day weekend. So, small time crunch. let me know if anyone on here can help. Cheers!
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    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    no it did not. but insurance wanted 15-20% of the surgery anyways which was more than I paid. I did it twice because I had such good results after the first go around. I spent 6k on thew first and 4k I believe on the second because I spared the facet joints.
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    Back Disc Pain: Anyone had surgery or the outpatient treatment?

    I had stem cell injections in my spine about 4-5 years back and have never had a problem since. Regenexx was the company. Worth a try before fusing or doing a laminectomy. because ur just buying some time with this procedures.
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    Hawaii with a 3-1/2 year or without?

    100% take him. We take our kids everywhere! Totally worth it.