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    Daycare....MaK got the rona

    Nice to hear she’s doing well, strong girl. Hard when it’s your kids.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Wife was wondering if it was going to unload while sitting there. There’s about 24 geese around here that can’t go 2 feet without dropping a mess. I was LUCKY, he didn’t crap on my day. Didn’t know they went after lizards. We’ve got some cool one’s around here & we’re always chasing the...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Guy came by the other day wanting to ski . . .
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    Just when I thought I had seen it all - I40 experience last night

    I learned a long time ago to drive in the far right lane late at night.The drunk drivers going the wrong way think they are in the slow lane while actually they are in your fast lane. Keep it in mind as it saved my life one night
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    IDA on the same day as Katrina

    Guy I used to ski Canyon Lake with is in Chauvin. An hour ago the winds were 63 mph in his town. Now they’re up to 96 mph.
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    Anyone lose a forklift in Vernon?

    Friends have LA Lifts in Vernon ~ any idea what time?
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    Oops… on a Thursday night.

    You must be next to Albert? We were in the blue and white Mastercraft skiing next to you this am
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    PSA Parker Strip Blue Light Violation $465 fine!

    Funny how many had read this thread. The tag team was out a few weeks ago, we sat and watched nearly every boat slow to a crawl as they approached. Good PSA, you saved a few.
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    Well, it's my turn......

    Hope you’re feeling better soon
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    So now what's your excuse gonna be??

    Different than yesterday’s, about 2 minutes long. On what’s been approved. And from what wife read, Moderna has never had anything approved in 10 years.
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    What is “too early” for boat start-up on the Parker Strip?

    Boy I hope I'm wrong but if 1HomeBlown was Steven Delight I saw that he passed on Facebook. That sucks. Tough year for the river rats. One of the best threads. Rip young man
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    Aquarius Laughlin -Fight, 1 Dead?

    Never mind, just found the article.
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    Aquarius Laughlin -Fight, 1 Dead?

    Anyone have any info. on this? Friends were going today.