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  • Actually was hoping Shelly would be able to join us and her friend Debbie from Fresno come down and join us too, MissB don't know and was just jok'n. Suppose there's always room for one more in our family.
    Check w/ my sis about when and where. Up until to today I wasn't really going but now I might have to.
    Sorry to hear about your sinuses. My sis will be going to Long Beach Aug. 2nd and 3rd. She's trying to get me to go....I might. What are you and Clayton up to that weekend? Those sure were nice flowers. I told him I was impressed. I didn't think to ask him what he did wrong.......hopefully nothing. You guys are cute together.
    Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys, get a room!
    How's So Cal.? Sis and I w/ kids made it to Parker but my boat broke down (starter?) at 2:30 PM so hung out w/ Stokerwhore, knucklehead and Desertrider and their families. We had a blast see Knucklehead's latest thread w/ utube vid. My sis is waving from his boat. Its for sale!
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