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    Keeping it Old School! No LS Swap for me.

    https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/headers_and_exhaust_manifolds/all_headers/parts/12157FLT I'll leave this here. Dan'l
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    mouzer spotted in south carolina....

    Congrats Mouzer. Dan'l
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    [SOLD] Free 79 Southwind Tunnels dragser IL.

    @MOUZER Dan'l
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    What does a destroyer look like that hasnt been in port since march?

    If you read the article, you would know. This is not a fishing boat, Grads. Its the U.S. Navy. Go fish somewhere else. Dan'l
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    Tell me about the 396 BBC

    USCG approved parts? Alternator, yes Distributor, yes Starter, yes Carburetor, yes Fuel pump, yes Flame arrestors, yes. I think that's about it. All of these would fit a 396 or a Mk IV 454. Likely half of this wasn't USGC approved when it was new. I'd check block casting numbers to determine...
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    Tell me about the 396 BBC

    What's to know? Same stroke as a 427, at 3.76". Smaller bore tho. Same physical size as a 427, 454, 496, 502, etc. Early 70's Chevy 396's had a 325, 350 and 375 hp versions. Guessing on how much hp a 396 is in a 40+ year old boat is nearly impossible. A stockish 325 hp should be 50-ish mph. A...
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    This is why we need the 93 to 40 interchange in Kingman to

    From hwy 93 south, head West at hwy 68. Turn left (south) at Aztec Rd. Follow to first stop sign. Turn left (East) on Shinarump Rd. Follow to I-40. (Rt 66 Shinarump exit/ interchange, exit m.p. 44) Dan'l
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    Holy Grail RV?

    Looks like Finnegan and Freiburger got to it first and borrowed the 440 out of it... Dan'l
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    'Street Outlaws' coming to Mohave County

    Around here, its Mohave Valley. Whatever. Dan'l
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    'Street Outlaws' coming to Mohave County

    But it goes through Mohave County 👍 Dan'l
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    'Street Outlaws' coming to Mohave County

    The old hwy, from Long Beach to the Canadian border, which is mostly interstate 15. Kinda like rt 66 (old hwy) and interstate 40. Dan'l
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    Class 8 truck

    @Rvrluvr Now in Tejas, i believe. Dan'l
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    What to do with my rusted out trailer.....

    Sell it on Craigslist- "Seven (7) new tires and wheels for sale, size 205/70R15. Comes with used trailer and title. No tire kickers." Dan'l
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    Thank god for health insurance!

    I first had health insurance Jan 1, 2017. Nine days later, open heart surgery. $750+k... I got lucky i had health insurance. Dan'l