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    How loud is your system

    This. Dan'l
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    A good River Pontoon Boat...

    Ozark 24' pontoon boat, actually more like a cat deck boat, with pontoon style seats/furniture. 454, Berkeley jet drive. Runs over 50 mph. Perfect river pontoon boat. Yore welcome Dan'l
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    Water leaking from Intake

    How did you hook the garden hose up? Mine has a 'T' just after the gate valve off of the pump, and water goes both ways- to the motor and to the pump, helps keeping the wear ring/impeller lubed/cool. Some of the water drains out the pump intake, even after the hose is off. Dan'l
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    Any inmates (who can back a trailer or drive a boat) wanna be a boat bitch for a few hours at Havasu tomorrow?

    4 units on the river Saturday, starting at 6am Nearly all day. Like a lake. I'm in Dan'l
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    New Member - Headed to the River

    Try the 'Below Needles Bridge' on the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region. Hourly data. https://www.usbr.gov/lc/region/g4000/hourly/hourly.html The water is let out at Davis Dam, 4600 cfs is about 1 unit. Note the hour of release. Below Needles Bridge is the next stream gage...
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    Shredded Cheese

    Tillamook sharp white cheddar singles right into the ice chest on the boat. Beer and cheese. Perfect pairing on the river. Dan'l
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    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    1. Circle boat racing. (Comp Jet specifically) 2. Marathon white water jet racing. Dan'l
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    I'm a grandpa

    Only the best dads get promoted to grandpa. Congrats. Dan'l
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    Tell me about GRADS

    Grads is the master baiter. He chums the waters and watches the fish bite. I find it hilarious. He also has some good boating content. Dan'l
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    How's the view out your front door?

    Yesterday, looking east, towards the San Francisco Peaks. Today... There they are. Snow lasted til 11 am ish yesterday. Dan'l
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    How's the view out your front door?

    Yesterday, 7:30 am looking west, towards the river. Today, 3:20 pm same spot. Dan'l
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    Lets see those boats

    Need more pics of the Miller. Bad ass float. Dan'l
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    "Chrome" Powder Coat

    My brother did his fender well headers on his Jeep, 10+ years ago. Slight discoloration near the heads from the heat. Its held up suprisingly well. It's more of a silverish than chrome. Dan'l
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    Mercrusier 502 advice

    Everything would need to be swapped. Intake manifold. Distributor and ignition system. Exhaust manifolds. Oil cooler and power steering cooler. Front accessory drive and components, water pump, alternator, power steering pump and sea water pump. Motor mounts. Flywheel, drive hub, and starter. If...
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    Lets see those boats

    76 eliminator 21' day cruiser, on mohave just down river from hoover dam 74 saguaro 18' open bow at big bend Dan'l