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    What a bunch of losers.

    Thanks to monkeys like these I was able to purchase my first boat with the overtime money I made from the LA riots.
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    Plantar Facitis

    I'm on the treadmill 5 to 6 days a week and walk approximately 5-7 miles each time. I notice I get the extreme pain most of you are talking about in the morning. I've also noticed the toe next to my big toe on each foot are numb most of the time. Any idea if this is one of the symptoms of PF?
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    Crashed F4 Phantom - Shea Road

    Maybe a dumb question but why was the wreckage left there? Cool pics. Would be great to see in person.
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    Your first Boat ?

    1994 Commander with a 454. Bought it with overtime money from working the riots after Rodney King beating.
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    Hitches for sale

    I have 3 hitches available. Two have an approx. 7" drop. I have (2) 2 5/16 balls and (1) 1 7/8 ball. $25
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    Sunsets at work

    Last few nights have been nice.
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    Sold Havasu house....misc stuff

    Pics of stools and shelves.
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    I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane

    Anxiety just watching that!
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    Sold Havasu house....misc stuff

    If you guys want to send me your email then I can send it direct from my phone. I'm at work right now and don't have access to the pics on a work computer.
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    Got me a new puppy.

    Great dogs. I had two females from the same litter that ended up between 110-115 pounds. Dad looked much like the one u posted.
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    So bummed we just sold the Havasu house

    Sorry, classifieds in everything else section.
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    Sold Havasu house....misc stuff

    I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of from the house. Keep in mind everything listed was at a vacation home with very little use. I have a king bed with frame and box springs,free standing lamp, fold up lounge beach chairs, silk trees for indoors, 3 bar stools, 4 plastic patio chairs, end...
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    So bummed we just sold the Havasu house

    We received a fax on New Years Day for an all cash offer on the house with a 10 day escrow. Needless to say we made the deal work but had to do a bonzai trip to move the house. Got into town Thursday evening and we were home and unloaded an entire house into my garage by 5:45pm yesterday. Now...
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    Zieman Trailer

    Zieman single axle utility trailer. Bed is 10'4x6'3" We sold Havasu house, trailer is in Havasu and needs to leave TODAY. $300 Matt 949-280-5444
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    Yep but unfortunately it will most likely end up spinning out in the reeds!