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    Damn increases.......

    Just bought a 460k of galv pipe to get us through the rest of the year. Gambling hoping it will end up doing down later this year as we are contracted into 2023 on some projects.
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    Adrenaline Trailers - RDP Toon Trailer upgrades

    Yes they add a battery and you have a switch.
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    Change my mind...

    Both Canned Lions. Just sayin.😂
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    Adrenaline Trailers - RDP Toon Trailer upgrades

    Your correct. We just went with Blue. I searched high and low for something similar in size and can get dunked.
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    Adrenaline Trailers - RDP Toon Trailer upgrades

    I don't believe they have found or make small RGB marine lights yet. I asked a couple weeks ago and they only have single color.
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    Adrenaline Trailers - RDP Toon Trailer upgrades

    I'm sure they just rotated the trailing arm one or two splines on the axle. Very easy to do.
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    Tres Martin...

    Just call Tres and let him know you want to take it and I bet he will set a tentative date and put it on his schedule. Hopefully others around you will sign up to help keep the costs down.
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    Agreed, the new lighter, longer cats get on plane so much easier with very little bow rise or cavitation.
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    Show me more than one of the ten or so 33’s built with a tab. And I’m not saying there isn’t an issue with the lowers. I have been behind the wheel of a 450 boat that broke a lower on me and I was being very easy with it only doing 70 or so.
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    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    Ya I seen that an hour ago. Sad. Wife missing, husband in hospital was the post.
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    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    This! Had a good hunting buddy who passed away almost a decade ago. He would always say, "Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun." I say it often as I have buddies think I'm crazy to hunt with some of my rifles and shotguns as well. Thought I had your number Steve but I just checked in my...
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    Trailer axle Alignment

    Last two boat trailers had triple UFP torsion axles. Alighted them both pretty early on and made a ton of difference on towing and tire wear.
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    Fender rock guard

    3/8” or 1/2” UHMW works good.
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    Ya have a few buddies with 33’s and 450’s. One two doors down. No tabs on them.
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    Powell waheap marina question

    I’ve done it in 50 minutes.😂