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    Powerful - and deletes the argument

    That's awesome. Went to Gettysburg for the first time a few months ago. Left there completely blown away. Truly an unbelievable experience.
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    Guisti’s fire

    Sucks, was there for the first time about a week and a half ago. Awesome place, great food!
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    Aluminum box anchor

    Guess it all depends on if you are anchoring overnight or just hanging in a cove or at the sand bar. I hardly ever put a large anchor in my boat. It's usually the baby box anchor or a small aluminum fortress. They both have 6-8' or so of 5/16 chain on them. Never had an issue for just day...
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    New Super Duty, which gear?

    Mine came with 4.30 and I was a bit worried I would not like it. However after pulling 8000 miles this summer I love it. I am a bit heavier than most with the boat trailer at around 16-17k. Tow at 75-80 most everywhere and get 9mpg.
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    We treat service and or T&M work like the plague. Just too hard to make good money at it.
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    Need opinions on a two post lift? Quickly please.

    Too light if you want to safely lift pickups.
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    Can We talk Howards for a second? I mean DDDAAAAYYYUUUMMM

    Obviously Engine Package would have a lot to do with it. I think you can build one easily with 500K but if you want 1100's or 1350's I'm sure it will run much more than 500.
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    Lake Powell news...

    Desert Bighorn Sheep
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    600SCI Overheating Help

    I would question how they flushed it? Read my above post about the rubber end cap gaskets.
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    600SCI Overheating Help

    So if memory serves it has 4 heat exchangers, fuel, oil, power steering then the main exchanger up front. Hits the 3 smaller ones first if I remember right. Two I think are down low below the headers than one up high on the rear. Sometimes the rubber gaskets on the front snd rear where out and...
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    600SCI Overheating Help

    Jared, doubt it’s a thermostat as that system is closed. Would think there is a blockage on the raw water side somewhere since you are seeing more pressure than your other engine. Just a guess. Did you chase around all the raw water side of things and look for something stuck in one of the heat...
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    Home AC upgrade / change question

    I know exactly what a VRV is. Have a VRV system in my shop. This unit in my bedroom was a just a single stand alone mini split.
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    Home AC upgrade / change question

    VRV if you have access. One thing we did a few years ago was just added a 1.5ton mini to our bedroom. Our 3 conventional systems in the house had no trouble keeping up but we like to sleep cold and it just did not make sense to keep all the rest of the main floor that cold just for the nights...
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    Rolex watches off eBay

    Tried one on in early 2014 I believe. Nice watch and heavy. Much heavier than my all gold sub. They were not selling well back then from what I remember as it was offered to me at just under 60K from what I remember.
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    Rolex watches off eBay

    Baby Blue dial is usually platinum.