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    Mini Schiada Motor Options

    I think you actually worked on mine, had some issue with flooding and you found a cap on a vacuum or something in one of the carbs that had disintegrated, fixed it and it ran like a top until the day I sold it!
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    Mini Schiada Motor Options

    Where are you located? I found these guys down in Newport Beach had a lot of older stuff in the shop, they were good dudes. Maybe give them a ring and see what they say? https://www.ambermarine.net/
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    Mini Schiada Motor Options

    Why does the tohatsu need to be replaced? they are super simple and surprisingly easy to find parts for... Mine that I sold had a 3 cylinder 40hp that was easily serviced and repaired. Also easy to modify to make more HP.
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    Kids in search of....

    the ever elusive 550JS...My boys are looking for a jetski. They want something to work on and as it turns out our neighbor worked for Kawi for 20+ years and claims if we can find one he can still get us parts etc... With that being said, anyone have any leads or friends with an older unit that...
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    Best Local Marine Business....

    Heading to the river this weekend and need to do the service on the Boat. I am going to do it myself and teach my 17/14yr old sons some good old fashion work ethic that most of their friends do not have, which is an entirely different topic we can cover another time. Anyway I need to get all...
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    I Seriously almost just.....

    We have a key bag in both cars at all times, stored in the center console. All keys for all river toys and place always ready to get, never get taken out.
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    Chauvin verdict reached

    This case and the verdict today have me wondering what it might be like to be part of that jury. I was a juror on a case involving the Chief of Police for the HBPD. I was one of two jurors who felt the plaintiff did not have a case, and the pressure and scrutiny we felt in the deliberation...
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    Auto Window Tinting recommendation, North County --- Escondido area of San Diego ?

    Elite window tinting, Toby is great and will come to you. Pretty sure he will head down your way. https://elitetint.com/
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    ROAD TRIP! Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho Fun Run July 24th...

    Our family had a reunion there about 9 years ago, lake was awesome. There are a ton of things to do and if you can live with a rental boat they are available. Our family booked a majority of this place and it was a blast. https://lodgeatsandpoint.com/
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    Weed thread!!! A place for reviews, shops, legal, ect

    Anyone have experience with Hyperwolf, I see signs all the time and wondered if it was worth checking out? Delivery to your home seems easy enough if you know what you are looking for.
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    Looking for someone to hire. (Entry level automotive)

    Sunny Hills High School has Auto shop, might be worth a try...Only school I know of in the area that still offers it.
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    Looking for someone to hire. (Entry level automotive)

    Man if my son was 1 year older I would seriously push him toward this, only a junior in high school. What/where is your company, might need some stuff done on my truck and always looking to support local.
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    Morgan Wallen

    "7 summers ago" is the wife's favorite song right now. Saw the news this morning that he was dropped by labels and ACM said, not eligible for any awards...our PC society is getting pretty out of control when it doesn't fit the narrative, however turn a blind eye when it does.
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    Is this a Brown Recluse Spider?

    Looks more like a Huntsman spider. http://www.tsusinvasives.org/home/database/heteropoda-venatoria
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    Whole house fan..

    What brand and who did the install, trying to convince my wife this is a good idea for us.