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    The Refuge

    What a mess.. I hope this works out for those of you who live there. My mom lives on a course in Wisconsin. Through the course of several bad business choices and against advice given to her, she now owns the course she lives on. All because she didn't want a dying golf course to tank the...
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    V Drive Prop

    14 X 18 LC 1” 4 Blade. Barely used, located in Havasu. I used it on my Spectra 24 a few times. $300 (805)822-7251 Matt
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    Mobile vessel view. SOLD

    Works great. Bluetooth all the engine information from your mercury smart craft motor to the vessel view app on your phone. $sold Located in Havasu (805)822-7251 Matt
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    2017 Jaguar F type R AWD SOLD

    Thanks Guys! Sold the car yesterday..
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    2017 Jaguar F type R AWD SOLD

    2017 F Type R AWD with 17,200 miles. 550hp from a supercharged 5.0L V8. There is no better sounding exhaust note. Fully loaded with Pano roof and Vision package. Tires have less than 3,000 miles and the factory service was just done within 500 miles. One more factory service is included in...
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    Can We talk Howards for a second? I mean DDDAAAAYYYUUUMMM

    This thread makes my little 255 seem like a bargain.. sitting in this Howard at the boat show is what made us drop the deposit on our Howard.
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    Howard SDS

    I can't wait to see your boat in Havasu!
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    Best method to cut down a boat windshield?

    I'll save you some time.. Have a new one made. It's what you are going to have to do once you mess the old one up anyways. Just have it made the way you want it.
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    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    If you guys would learn to rig boats to the quality standard of DCB or Howard, you could be making 6 figures. There is a huge shortage of riggers and its usually the bottleneck in custom boats.
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    The last little tweaks !!!

    so far I absolutely love it...
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    Getting last minute boat service to save the weekend...

    Can't thank Shane @namba860 enough. He always comes through in a pinch for me. I really appreciate that kind of service.
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    Question on 36 Bullet

    The article about the 36 in speedboat made me want one so bad. I saw the molds just sitting there in the factory the 2nd or 3rd time we visited. Gene still gets requests to build them and I'm pretty sure he keeps turning them down. They have all they can handle just trying to keep up with the...
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    2013 Howard SDS w/Merc 600 SOLD

    I’m not sure.. Gene was selling it. I only posted it for him.
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    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    How long did you have it in the water?
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    2013 Howard SDS w/Merc 600 SOLD

    I don't think so..