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    Parker- Boat Fire

    Thank you for letting us all know. Sorry this happened to them. I’ve always heard how important it is to turn on the blower, especially after fueling. This is the first time I’ve actually seen how bad of an explosion can happen. Hope they all heal quickly.
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    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Check out Extreme Performance
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    Average cost to build a pool...?

    I fuckin hate my pool!! Don’t do it!! It came with the house I bought. The twat I was married to at the time said to fill it with dirt. I should have listened to her. I’m cleaning it daily and twice a week I’m buying something for it. Chlorine, acid, stain remover, tile brush, parts for...
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    Boaters Rescued Almost go over Dam

    You gotta be a special kind of stupid…
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    Parker- Boat Fire

    When everyone is feeling better and feels like talking about it, could you find out what happened please? Had they just fueled up? Glad everyone is going to be okay.
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    Can am car cover

    I think CanAm makes one for their cars.
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    I used to work at a lake near Santa Clarita. A school was being built nearby and water was needed to keep the dust down on the dirt road during the construction. So during the last “drought” they were putting something like a million gallons of water each week onto the dirt road. I wouldn’t...
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    Dog needs a new home ASAP for FREE!

    My golden retriever was an asshole on the leash. He almost went to the pound a couple times. My wife enrolled him in obedience training with a dog trainer in Agua Dulce and he is a whole different dog. The class is every Saturday for one hour and five weeks long. It may be worth a try if you...
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    CA coast cruise rental car??

    My buddy rented a Maserati for his wife and her daughter to go up the coast for a few days. PM me if your interested and I’ll call and ask him where he rented it from.
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    Hey Chilly...............

    Hahahaaaaa, fuck-em. They should have had some common sense. It’s going to get worse, much worse. The guys that are still working, are not working hard to make it a safer place anymore. They probably never will. You don’t get to treat them like shit, and expect them to risk their lives...
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    Someone's Pet?????

    Looks like my ex-wife. I heard she moved to Havasu.
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    Boat detailing

    Try Superior Detailing, I was happy with them.
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    If you are rich.....

    He’s lying. Betcha it’s some kind of shamalama...
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    “He’s shooting at us”

    His head popped, that was awesome.
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    George Floyd Anniversary!

    It’s already been one year since he hasn’t broken the law?