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  • Mine is the orange one sitting next to the one that he wants to splase a mold from. And the 14' three point hydro that is my boat too.
    Dillinger 35
    Hi Mini Kat
    A jet boat , check out craigslist Houston if you have not already done so the one that Eliminator built that looks like a mini version of the Scorpion is currently on there. As for the little Eliminator Geoff wants uses as a plug have you heard anything new on this. I know he bought it a couple of years ago. I have been trying to do my best to advertise as a new build to make it happen David
    Know of any one that would like to purchase a new one, Liquid Twisted Marine, has the little Eliminator mod v hull as well they are looking to use to build new molds, I am interested in one and looking to get things going !
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