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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Please delete the guns and ammo section also. Thanks :oops:
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    Yellowstone Season 4

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    Yellowstone Season 4

    Ive been late to the game on this show but I was in Target and bought season 1,2, and 3 on dvd and have been binge watching them, almost done with season 2. What network is the show regularly on? One of the best shows ever.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    My boring experience.. Moderna first shot 3/17... sore arm at injection site 2 days Moderna second shot 4/19... sore arm at injection site 2 days No side effects so far. My parents are getting up there in age and mom has had a kidney transplant. They both took the shot, I wanted them to feel...
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    Cross country trip....

    Are you saying I-35 and I-29? No I wouldn’t unless I had to haul ass and get there quick. I’ve gone both ways and I prefer the leisurely drive on 75 if I have the time.
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    Cross country trip....

    Yes it is! Are you traveling straight up 75 to NE? I sometimes complain about living on the plains but after seeing what’s going on in other states it makes me glad that I do. Kids still say the pledge of allegiance in schools and you can open carry and no one really cares. Enjoy Sturgis, been...
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    Cross country trip....

    Safe travels, would of loved to meet up with ya and have a cold beer or two and meet Roxy. If your ever back this way let me know.
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    Cross country trip....

    So cool following your journey! How long are you staying in Yates Center? I’m about 60 miles give or take from there. Watch your speed through town, it’s a known speed trap.
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    US Open at Torrey Pines

    I think Henley is going to struggle today. I hope not but just have that feeling.
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    US Open at Torrey Pines

    That was a big ass rattler. Didn’t know y’all had them on the coast. F that.
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    California is Open! No Masks Required

    All of the big box stores, Walmart, Target, Home Depot etc, removed the mask requirement once our state ended the mandate. KS
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    Netflix- Sweet Tooth

    I was skeptical but gave it a chance, can’t wait for season two. Kind of eerie with what we have gone through.
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    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    2 My Grandpas two brothers that I never got to meet. Couldn’t imagine how my great grandma felt. I was fortunate to remember her but I think I was 10 or so when she passed away.
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    What book is on your night stand?

    Green Hills of Africa, Hemingway. Trying to read all of his books. One of my favorite writers is Robert Ruark.
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    1974 Monaco Grand Prix

    Why wouldn’t they double check the side that wasn’t involved in the impact after qualifying? Especially since they were on pole and a very difficult track to pass on.