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    CA boaters card?

    Oh im so happy i left Ca. All those bs regulations are so Ca can pocket the money.
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    Laugh Out Loud yard art

    That yard art is dangerous!!!! Get into an accident break my neck looking over and not wanting to turn away😳
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    Kid gets caught stealing....gets his ass whooped

    Well after reading this the first thing that came to mind was , at least someone cares enough to whip that boy for doing wrong!!! and there was no one with a gun no intimidation . just the plain simple truth of you stole from me heres your whippen! If this happened more offen there would be...
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    Engine Builders Warranty

    Not to kick a dead horse hear but YAH wheres the oil???? did you have to wipe that rod your holding off ??? was there oil on it???? I build engines , but not for a living anymore . but heres my few questions, do you have an oil pressure gauge??? did you NOT hear that motor screaming to...
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    Your house is on fire and you can only grab one thing?

    the marshmellows to watch it burn to the ground!!!! got good insurance but cant forget the old photo albums!!! cant replace them!!!!!
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    What do you expect! His dad was a huge pile!!! and even scarier !!!!
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    or where lip and kev drive around in the ice cream selling dope and ice cream!!!! i saw that and was on the floor laughing my ass off!!!!!
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    oh yah!!!!! Or where flip pissed on his dad from the second story when he found out!
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    If were picking out best parts mine is the one where flips girlfriends brothers were digging a grave for that x school teacher. If she did not leave town right now. and that gang showed up and paid the 2 brothers to use the grave and dumped that body in it.
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    Im glad hes back Jimmy was my favorite , besides Flip.
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    Lions get hosed!

    i wonder how much dallas had to pay to the refs for that total bullshit call!!!!!!! i turned the game off after that call, cause there was no way the refs were going to let the lyons win the game!
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    Pit bull kills owner on Christmas Day

    My question is how can that woman justify that theres nothing wrong with that breed??? when her husband was just killed by that dog???? wtf and what does she tell her kids??????
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    looking to buy elec. guitar. good quality

    guitar center ! buy used!!! start with something with a few miles on it. then play around with a few different ones. the feel is diffrent for everyone , and what i may like you may hate! vise versa!
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    Ultimate Tug of War truck vs Boat

    Now that was cool!!!!
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    Obama in Hawaii for Christmas...

    Well theres always hope a cat may berry him in the sand!!