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    What are you listening to, right now?

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    DMX passes at 50 yrs

    sorry,no sympathy for folks with money od ing
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    Making a Reggae and ReggisISH playlist....What songs you got?

    actually in my opinion , which dont mean shit....most reggae sucks unless your high.i dont do drugs...so........lol
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    Making a Reggae and ReggisISH playlist....What songs you got?

    lol,my brother in law is the bass player in tomorrows bad seeds
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    Some pics from Parker last weekend

    parker is closed
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    Some of you might find this interesting. Pool Renovation.

    pools.pain in the ass,we have had ours 17 years,if i had to do it over it wouldnt be there.lol
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    For you old guys and SS

    simple as this
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    Old Stereo Speakers

    cerwin vega d9s.they were the shit along with my reel to reel.
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    RR vs SxS

    like the honey badger,trains dont care.rip.
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    waverunner seat reuploster

    thanks,looked at jet trim.245 and I do it,my guy in grand terrace quoted me 250 a seat in marine vinal so I guess they go there.i don't wanna f with it.lol
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    waverunner seat reuploster

    best place and price in havi.tia
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    Cost of tinted windows

    they have these things called , SUN GLASSES.have fun with the fix it tickets
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    Havasu to Riverside And Back This Friday The 26th?

    can pick it up tomorrow and back to riverside same day.dropping off some stuff in parker just down the road