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    Roller Derby!!

    There was a group of young women in a formed up league of some sort skating on an outdoor slab in Bullhead. Not sure if it's still going, and I'm pretty sure they had time off in the hottest summer months.... If you're a big fan check with the rec and parks dept... Ray
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    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    Ah....Nope, nothing on any of the Fox stations... Ray
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    John Force and fear

    Coyle's infamous blower dyno comes to mind, and numerous improvements / safety measures surrounding the clutch assy. And then there are the years his car was used as a "Safety Safari Official Test Vehicle" for fires in the lights. Looks like you fall into the "hate him" category... I remember...
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    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    I just surfed around and couldn't find anything, BUT, Nashville had some flood inducing rains and Bristol is east of there..... Ray
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    John Force and fear

    Anyone remember his book? "I saw Elvis at 1000 feet"... Not a masterpiece by any means, but even in it's paperback type format it was informative at the time....I'm pretty sure John has one of those "love him or hate him" personalities...I remember back to Orange County John could be a prince...
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    Canal blocked

    Two things I think I hear on the news...#1 ship lost power and was unable to steer, and #2, the way the ship is grounded, (both ends) it could break in half if not floated properly!!!!!!!. If that happens, it was said it would be quicker to dig another canal than to try to salvage the ship and...
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    Thanks Ol Rigger. Your vast knowledge from the "back in the day" era of our sport/addiction seems to be unlimited. Sometimes I go back in time to the heyday of drag racing in So Cal. Just when I get to thinking "I was there", Ol Rigger comes along with the Marine side of those thoughts, and no...
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    Inmate's New Mobile Media Blasting Business

    OK, best of luck with a long overdo service. Now, can you blast the metalflake off a boat hull???? (Powersanding just turns to a goo because of the heat).... Next, a guess cost to blast a bare hull 68 Hydroflite hydro??? Just a guess, I know you'd need to see the boat before you could give any...
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    Catalytic converter thief crushed to death by car

    Can you imagine YOUR tombstone saying "Crushed by a PRIUS".... Talk about adding insult to injury, really, a Prius! Ray
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    Anyone looking for Aqua swim steps?

    I too could use a swim step on my old Tahiti jet boat. Where are you / they located? I might be able to come and get them w/o any shipping fees.... Please call me if you still have any left. Ray 805 300 0012 PS I use to be able to just jump up out of the water to the deck, but alas, old age and...
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    RIP Hank Aaron

    IMO...Hank is STILL the home run KING.... He did it with no drugs. He was one of the last "complete package" ball players...Too bad his "Hall of Fame" membership doesn't mean anything without Pete Rose also being a member... Ray
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    Thoughts on Barrack Hussein Obama

    He will work very hard to make sure Biden takes away his title as "The worst President in American history" before Biden passes the POTUS title off to "Toes Up" pamala.... All three are total pieces of shit.. Ray
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    Square bodies.

    Tailgate... FYI, I have a Fleet side tailgate, very nice, no dents, one small scratch, with all the hinge hardware etc... Not sure what it's worth but open to fair offers. Also, nice tube grill, rolling chassis, 14 bolt r/end with running SBC, (glove box tag says 400 but I haven' got under it...
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    GM / Chevy trusk techs, HELP.....

    First, truck is an 09 6 liter ext cab 2500 HD... 120K mostly highway miles w/ zero issues in the past. OK guys, I know you're here, you've helped me before with great tech info from your experience.. My first issue is excessive fuel vapor / odor... in and around the truck. I can't really say...
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    A few words / phrases from days gone by..

    Some here may remember some of these... "Fire Mission New Jersey". From the book "Where Eagles Flew" "Four Deuce" "Twin Eights" "INDIRECT fire" "Full Push" "Full Load" "HEI" "For Effect" "Adjust fire*" "Walk 'em in" "No Where to hide" "They're in the wire" "Bring it to me" "Hunker down, it's...