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    Survelance Experts / Hackers/ tech experts/ PI/ LE -Help Wanted

    There are ways to jam the signal...so I here. Unfortunately that would open up a whole plethora of FCC whoop-ass. I'm not technologically advanced enough know how to intercept and copy a signal.
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    UFO in San Diego

    Maybe we're just woolies or cattle on a big alien ranch...
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    70th Anniversary

    That's truly badass and amazing! I'm knocking on 21, and can't figure out how my wife puts up with me!
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    Here’s something you don’t see every day.

    "Hold My Beer!"
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    A) Napalm B) M249 S.A.W. C) 24hr "Purge" D) Large Commercial Snow Blower (hwy, R.R. etc.) Always a Fan Favorite 😂
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    UFO in San Diego

    Me being the CoastToCoast listener, and general conspiracy theorist, has had me reading stuff for years. Last year, the Navy put out the report on the leaked Nimitz videos. The vid and audio was of the pilots and their view. Images may have been small or grainy, but the audio was interesting...
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    Failed smog

    Where's that pick of the Jeep towing the gooseneck? Don't think he'd pass smog either now 😂
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    UFO in San Diego

    Well, in our current state of affairs, pretty damn hard to believe we're the best form of life in existence. They'll probably not even want us as pets.
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    Minneapolis 2.0

    The only differences I see, one goes all out...the other just wants free shit. These looters don't have the guts to become martyrs...so they pick dead idiots to suit their cause.
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    CNN getting run out of town

    My pig is trying to fly away, and it's getting pretty cold. Pantifa did something I agree with :oops:
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    “The weather was outstanding...”

    Napalm... No reason these addicts and idiots should be allowed to roam free. It's wierd to watch people just walk or bike by. It's as if their accustomed to it, or choose to ingnore it.
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    Failed smog

    Since you bought it, you didn't change tire size, did you? That can cause an issue, as the dyno speed will be higher than the motor is dialed in for.
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    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    Wow! Just wow! In some pics, it doesn't appear very big. In others it looks like it could eat the sport chassis. I hope your trip home ends boring and uneventful...it means everything is good. I can't wait to see it in the Arizona sun. I'm sure you can't wait to put it in the water out here.
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    New ATF appointee was at Waco

    Par for the course...Waco was after their warm up at Ruby Ridge. Weaver lost his wife and his 14 year old son.
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    These Mutha Phuckas

    Truth and transparency, from politicians? Left wing at that?