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    It's pumpkin spice season!

    Remember the proper way to drink pumpkin spice beer is to crack open the the bottle, pour it down your sink drain and go get a real beer.
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    Elf on a shelf?

    Please tell me you don’t really believe that all parents are using an elf as a means to control or make their children behave. Seems to me that Santa is “gonna find who’s naughty and nice” has been around for oh about..... forever. LOL.
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    How are you going to cook your turkey?

    I get my bbq as hot as I can, then I go inside and throw the turkey in garbage. Then I take my filets and cover them in olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Seer all sides on high and then turn the grill down and let the steaks get to medium rare. Pull em and eat I’m.
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    A man and his dog, a fight for life.

    The best part is he does the whole thing with a cigar in his mouth. LOL
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    Please have faith be patient!!

    We’re any of these buildings hit by a plane? Did any of these building have thousands and thousands of gallons of jet fuel fueling the fires? Those towers are designed to sway slightly, they weren’t designed to get hit by a massive plane doing 500mph. You can’t make comparisons and leave out...
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    Livorsi Controls

    Bump offers?
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    Pahrump, NV......Notable Resident Ronald Wayne......Sold Out For $2300. Says No Regrets.....

    It says he holds a dozen patents so he can’t be that dumb. That’s probably what he lives on.
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    I just found

    You need to take some lines from it and casually work them into conversations.
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    Havasu Massage?

    Seriously? If my wife sees a charge on the ol credit card for a mobile service called “Lavender Bliss” I’m in a shit load of trouble! LOL
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    @Cyclone - Condolences For The Passing of Your Dad.

    Super sad for a guy to lose his father. He saw his son grow to be a good man and that’s the best thing for a father. Condolences.
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    Livorsi Controls

    I’m in Phoenix
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    2005 GMC Sierra 1500 ticking/knocking noise?

    This. I had an 02 suburban with this issue. Only did it when it got cold. In the summer it was never there. Once the truck warmed up it was gone. It’s very common in these years. I also would agree that thicker oil is not the fix.
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    Travel Baseball Questions

    @Dirtbag What club are you with and where?
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    Livorsi Controls

    These came out of my Howard. Work perfectly. $250.
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    Dad's 1970 C-10 Short Bed

    yeah. What size are the black wheels? Are they for sale?