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    Heads up... If ya got your boat at D&B (NOT B&D Marine!) in Havasu on Acoma you might want to try and get it... or get it off the street

    Passed by there multiple times two weeks ago and nothing ever looked like it moved. I thought that was strange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nautical Resort solo launch

    I do it but people tend to get mad. I launch the boat and the truck stays put on the ramp/in the water. I then drive the boat all the way to the courtesy docks, tie up and then run back to pull the truck out. All in all, I hog up one lane for a good 15 min.
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    3 Bedroom 2 Master suite house with pool and plenty of boat parking availible for vacation rental.

    Called as well. Is the house open this weekend?
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    Want to make 24K in less than 1 week?

    My DECN is up 42% today. Decided to sit tight and see what happens.
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    Oil prices... Anyone buying?

    I had I think 50 shares when they split (cant recall) and lost them all. So I just re-bought in for more and so far, so great! Still may be worth it to jump in.
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    2013 Eliminator 22 Daytona w/300XS’s

    Didn’t you just say last week the wife liked it and said not to sell it lol? Congrats on the quick sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rookie into the stock market.

    I buy about $150/week in their stock. I can just transfer money in from my checking. I think I am in about $600 right now. If I lose it all, big whoop. However, I am up something like 42% right now. As you said, potential is HUGE. I am just going to keep buying until I feel the price per share...
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    Want to make 24K in less than 1 week?

    Then I guess I will get my whopping $40 back. Well actually way less. Was worth a shot.
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    Nevada is opening, VEGAS ... a Start

    I have been doing that mainly with our Doordash/Post Mates orders. People have been more than ecstatic.
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    Want to make 24K in less than 1 week?

    I didnt sell my DECN cause they were locked but now appear to be unlocked. I have about 80 shares. I am considering hanging on just to see what happens. Anyone buying more?
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    Rookie into the stock market.

    I bought JNUG when it was around $40/share. It kept dropping so I unloaded all but 1 share (I always like to keep one just for the hell of it). It has now almost doubled in price per share and I do regret selling but I was (and still am) new to trading. I am currently bank rolling all my dice on...
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    If I had as much money as Elon Musk...

    Definitely not true LOL. My wife hits the ATM at least twice a week ;)
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    Machine shop in Havasu

    Kincaid had heads of mine for several months. Always got the run around. They are a good set of dart heads. Not sure where they ended up I decided to buy a new set to get me back on the water. I need to track them down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To those who's employment has been terminated over COVID-19 in CA

    My wife was terminated from two jobs, one of which could damn near support us both and all the hobbies if I wanted to work from home. Filed and unemployment dicked her over and showed zero income the last 8 months of 2019, which is a total lie. From what I’ve heard, this has happened to a few...
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    I lost a swim step in Parker Saturday

    If they don’t fit for cdog, are these for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk