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    What do you drive for a commuter?

    My commuter :D
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    THE FIRST 100

    Thanks that was easy, now I feel stupid. lol
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    THE FIRST 100

    Thanks! How did you see that?
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    THE FIRST 100

    What about me? I can't see anything either.. :rolleyes
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    Lowered trucks can't tow...

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    Monopoly as an adult = Ruthless

    LOL I am pretty ruthless in my gaming. I talk so much crap. lol. I admit it. :eek. We play monopoly, bingo, uno, cards, etc. Try to get a group about once a month with some cocktails. Its a blast!
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    So I had to put my dog down yesterday and...

    So sorry for your loss. I hate these threads. Crying at work is not good. We had to put our German Shepherd down at 10. The next day my husband found a rescue with GS puppies. I thought it was too soon, but he couldn't deal with my crying and wanted me happy. So I went to see them and left. 3...
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    Yes Bobby, that is what I am talking about. Thanks
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    Hi there, Your policy with SF is a permissive use policy. So if you lend your car to a friend or family member that is not living with you, as long as they have permission from you they would be covered in case of an accident. We do not need to add them as a driver to your policy. On the other...
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    Hi Joe, I work for a State Farm agent, if you would like to review your policies please give me a call so we can discuss. I don't think you are being insured correctly and would hate for something to happen and have no coverage. Thanks, Mrs. HLB (Athena) 714-777-8000
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    Daughter 2 - Thieves 0

    BEST THREAD EVER!!! Your daughter is a BADASS!!! So glad she or the dog were not hurt but she took care of business! I doubt those tweakers will be back! And her boyfriend, oh my he better get to walkin or the least take a self defense course. :loser:
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    Looking for boat insurance!

    Thanks Andy, I will call or email you later today.
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    Looking for boat insurance!

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    Looking for boat insurance!

    I am looking for new boat insurance. Any recommendations? Also have 2 claims. Thanks for the help! Mrs.HLB
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    Sick dog - Spleen tumor :(

    I'm so sorry to hear the news. Spend as much time with him and love him. You did your best!