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    Mill & Lathe

    Pm sent
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    Metal Working. Again. Well, trying to. How do I do this?

    Call me and give me the dimensions, I’ll make it and send it to you. You’ll have it by the week end to install. (661)549-0606 frank
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    Ashley Babbit is the woman killed at the capital today

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes
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    Container pick up

    Thanks this is what I'm looking for. Could you PM me his number?
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    Container pick up

    I guess I wasn't very clear on what I need. I need to find a trucking company that has clearance to pick up a shipping container at the port of Long Beach
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    Container pick up

    I need to have a container picked up at the port of Long Beach going to Bakersfield and then return the empty container to Long Beach. It’s a 40’ high cube.
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    Rest-to mod 1985 20 sst Stoker Very FAST ! New pics !

    How does it handle with that big motor? What kind of speed are you seeing? Your boat looks amazing! Good luck with the sale!
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    The Outboard Church

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    Need Bernico f2, Aussie cyclone, Nordic cyclone 21ft, or force f2

    How much money do you have to spend?
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    barn find- Gary Steele's hallett???

    It was raced in the Parker Enduro last year and now lives in Needles and spends its time on the River and is owned by a great guy that takes good care of her.
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    Anyone need a Carb tuned? I hear the gear heads live here.

    It’s called Menace Magic and that’s all we need to know. Dustin really is very good and I have always left his shop thinking the bill was lower than I expected. I would highly recommend him!
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    new rayson craft road worthy dolly trailer

    Let’s see some pictures of the boat and motor.
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    The Outboard Church

    That came out great! I like what you did with the splash well
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    Stoker seats