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    They tried looting a gun store..... lol

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    Mercury Maximus 32P Props LH/RH

    What did you run them on?
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    2005 25' Daytona Walk Through Open Bow With Twin 300 XS Outboards

    The time has come to start building the new boat, so its time to get serious about selling the current one. 2005 25' Daytona Walk Through Open Bow With Twin 300 XS Outboards. $99,000.00 OBO In the last 12 months the boat has received the following. 300XS powerheads DBR 1.1 kit Rebuilt...
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    Marine oil coolers / what are folks running?

    Let me help you here.....
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    Well...looting in LA has started

    Shoot first, ask questions later. These monkeys have no message! They are simply being pieces of shit!
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    Oregon Governor Stripped of Power After Court Rules She is Out of Line

    It’s a fucking rodeo here in Oregon. I will say that even the die hard libs are starting to question their supreme rulers actions. We have very few cases, very few deaths. There is no reason things shouldn’t be business as usual.
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    Muclecar / truck project wanted. . . anyone looking to sell a project?

    Can’t help with the car, but I do have a brand new 632ci BBC in a crate, only dyno time on it that I’d sell to power his new project.
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    Just wax on, wax off, with a microfiber?
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    26 RPM Twin Merc 450R

    PM me a price please.
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    Notable posters from days gone bye

    F A C T S
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    Trump 2020 recap! (Video)

    I’m not telling you what to do, but with your connections, and yore location, I think you are missing the boat (pun intended) with YouTube. I have buddies who are making HUGE $ off their channels. With all your big $ connections, I’d think well put together videos of their boats and some factory...
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    Weekend carnage?

    Here is the first 3-4 tablespoons of oil out of my gear case that I drained into a clear cup...... Drove 6 hours, boated for 30 minutes, it went BANG! This is pretty solid carnage!
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    Memorial Weekend in Chicago - "People were feeling restless"

    I check this out every now and then....... It HUMORS me that you never see that actual stats brought to the public via the media! https://heyjackass.com/
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    The Outboard Church

    Blew up a gear case. Was last trip before going up for sale. New owner will now have a brand new complete lower on that side. Already on order!
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    The Outboard Church

    Shasta was fun....... For a few minutes.