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    2013 Cadillac Escalade platinum

    Damn. That was a good deal.
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    It's Always Something With This Governor . . . Boat Regi$tration . . .

    We do have CHEAP boat registration here in OR! That said, my junk is still registered in AZ, they are easier to work with!
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    Gotta love Texas!

    CA, OR, WA, MI, NY, NJ will all be wearing masks through 21...... We re-upped our daughter at her private school today. They have been in school, in person everyday this year, she’s playing volleyball, doing dance, and band......... FUCK PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Anyone who thinks public schools in...
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    Limber Prices Opinions

    Very cool. Good to see some more PNW folks here! Let’s find a reason to skip work on a Friday this summer and do some boating!
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    Limber Prices Opinions

    Where you building at? I am from OR also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Limber Prices Opinions

    How has your experience been with them thus far?
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    My next victim

    How’s the Spectra running?
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    Horrible Accident near El Centro - 15 Dead

    Sounds like 15 problems solved, and 12 hospital bills that the good guys will get to pay for!
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    2021 Stock Market

    Weed Oil Electric Vehicle Tech I fiddle fuck with it every day it seems. Even when shit hits the fan, I seem to find my way out.....
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    My girlfriend left me!!!

    Used, Abused, and Pushed away....... LOL I am sure the next will be nice! You should buy a certain Daytona for the interim!
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    Shop space in havasu

    Where's he going?
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    2 Stroke Street Bikes

    @JUSTWANNARACE I know he has pics of the junk we used to screw with. Not street legal, but same technology.
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    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    That is my boat that you have the seat pic of. I too was concerned about the purple, but it just didn’t bring the whole boat together without it. I was happily surprised the seats weren’t too hot! The floor gets hotter than the seats. Food for thought, if you pull up pic of my boat in the...
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    Solar and wind power? Watch this:

    How you holding up? You going to rebuild? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk