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  • OH wow, B&T told us that story. I don't think I will ever let my kids ride on those things. Even if I give them the rules and safety, there is always going to be someone else who doesn't know what they are doing. YOu just need to know you did what you could, and the effort you gave was heroic.
    BTW nice name, happens to be my sisters name only she spells it Tysen and oh ya my ex husbands name is Tyson!! he an ok guy, just a crappy hubby..
    My name is Tyson. Yeah Dan and angie are good peeps. J & C live in huntington Beach and They hang out with B & T around the neighborhood. Yeah a couple of yrs ago. me and a bud were out on his watermaggots. we drove into goose flatts and there was a guy running to the damn. so I parked the maggot and there was a boys club from Palm spngs. 1 of the kids was drowning and the leader of the club ran in to save the kid, but couldn't swim. I jumped in to save the kid. when I grabbed for him. I relized there was someone under him. Some other peeps jumped in to see if they could save him, But he was about 400 lbs. it took all of us to pull him out. we couldn't revive him. Now everytime I drive into goose. that's what I see.
    We just met Dan and Angie this weekend, and of course the little black hairy weiner! He's was so cute. Great people Dan is hilarious! Chris got in contact w/ Dan and he can't remmeber who were are, so Chris is going to send him a pic to refresh his memory. John & Christine? I can't place them. What is your name?
    That did suck, like a dream... I was standing there minding my own business, and the next thing I know I was going through my head trying to remember how to give CPR....scared me.... I froze thank god when I was there with her she was breathing slighty and not bleeding too bad. We found out later that she had major head trama and the ski hit her so hard that it ruptured a main artery in her heart and there was nothing anyone could have done. So sad, she was there with friends. As a mother I do not ever want that phone call......
    Yeah I know B & T. There buddies with my bud, the elders. John and christine. Haven't seen B& T for a while. My trailer is on the first row as you come in the park. So you guys were camping last weekend. That's got to suck. do you know Dan and angie. there close to B& T's spot.
    NO, but our friends Brian and Tracy have one. Chris (ROZ) and I would love to have a trailer there, we love that park. But like most we have to wait to be invited... although B&T are super great peeps and have offer to let us use their trailer when we want. We got to get a boat though, we are boatless right now. How about you guys? Where is your trailer?
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