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    Netflix Bloodline

    Got to watch this show it’s really good has some boating content in it too
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    Worst boat of all time?

    Are we talking about the ugliest, worst built or worst handling? Ugliest Kona/Beismyer 21 cruiser Worst built anything by General Marine like early Ranger jet boats Worst handling I had a couple bad handling 18 bubble deck Tahiti’s
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    Gas RC Boat Pricing

    The white one is really old technology it would say its worth $250 the red is a reDy to run deal I would say maybe $300. I could build you something much nicer new or used What’s your budget
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    Weekend carnage?

    Didn’t here much about anything besides the jet that sank due to a wake surf boat in front of Rainbo in Needles
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    Worst boat of all time?

    You can make fun of those Horizons all day long long if you want but they were fast especially if you had one with the jette bottom. They look like a broken tennis shoe. They did make some better looking models latter on and they ran good too. The Holmes new what to do with a boat no doubt about it.
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    Whyyyyyyy am I doing this....Jet bote

    I would buy the 660’s if the price is right
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    [WTS] Wet Sounds

    I need at least $650 for the tower speakers the mounts and the rgb rings
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    Comment by 'namba860' in article 'A Steele of a Deal on the Parker Strip'

    Looks like a great event!
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    School me on Cheetah Tunnel Hulls

    Yah been dealing with Greg Monk he seems like a nice guy one of the new owners, kinda quite like me. He is doing some speaker enclosure for a sleek craft I have been refurbishing for a customer.
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    Windsor detour

    No I’m closed for the weekend and I heard about the detour this morning to late get any signs made. My sign is on the building and I will be back Tuesday full swing I’m at the River for some much needed time off.
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    Windsor detour

    I’m sure most of you have heard that you will be detoured down Countryshire Ave. when you are sitting in line to launch you will go right by my new shop. Havasu Marine Specialties just past Sun Country Marine. I have a really large Mercury/Volvo parts inventory and offer 15% discount on any in...
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    School me on Cheetah Tunnel Hulls

    I have to say I have dropped in a few times at Cheetah since I opened my shop and the Wild Cats they are producing are pretty damn nice and at a great price point. I can’t say they are Eliminator or Howard nice but they are Ultra, Shockwave, Advantage nice which are no slouches.
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    Connolly Marine

    Just wanted share what nice a guy Dave is and he has a lot of nice hot rod boat parts in stock. He saved my butt today with some special AN fittings I needed.
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    [WTS] Wet Sounds

    Still available for sale or trade