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    Barry obler

    About 10 times won’t return my calls text him several times to
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    Barry obler

    Does any body no what happened to Barry obler trying to get ahold of him for over a week
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    Havasu boat shop

    I also talked with mark at savage marine seems very knowledgeable and seems like a stand up guy
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    Havasu boat shop

    Stock 496 ho here is what the problem is I’m cruising at 50 go to hit my trim button and my motor shuts down let off and motor comes back did that several times then I shut it off to float and go to start it and nothing not a beep or any kind of flicker on gauges so I switch batteries nothing no...
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    Havasu boat shop

    27’ ultra shadow
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    Havasu boat shop

    if you had a choice what shop would you use prestige or absolute they both have good reviews just trying to pick your brains on who you prefer and why and what kind of boat do you take to them
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    Looking for an HTM SS24

    Do you have more pics of the htm and if it’s still available can you call me ASAP interested 7608128754 I’ll take it
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    2006 Eliminator Daytona 27icc

    Who would buy a magic for that that old haaaaaaaaa
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    HTM SR-24 for sale

    Is the boat still available if so can you contact me 7608128754