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    Merc 600 Verado

    LOL!!!! Larry don't think it wasn't discussed!!! Too much $$$$$$. boat runs good the way it is. There is something else in the works though that you will see soon!!
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    $1 a round for bulk 9mm?????

    Cheaper than dirt sucks!! Palmetto state armory is out of everything and has been for a while. Only other ones I could find online wanted $1.30 a round for 9MM. Fuck that!!! Broke down and paid .50 cents a round at Turners. Better than being out!!!
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    All good

    There is nothing wrong with the boat. It's not the wrong gear ratio,,, It's not the wrong X dimension, prop, weight, people in the boat, etc, etc , etc. Since the boat runs bitchen one day and then sluggish the next day. It pretty obvious it's a electrical glich with the engine. Been thru this a...
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    Motorized pool lounger?

    Ha!!! Wife wanted one so I ordered it. Took about 4 months before I got this little tiny pair of socks from China! LMAO!! Bank refunded me and they even tried to dispute it and say that I received it. Total scam!!
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    10 year old disposable camera

    Lmao!!! Well if you know Thane the rest of the photos are probably not appropriate on a public forum!! Yes that is him!!
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    26 Deck boat (customer build) Merc 565

    The idea behind doing the extended platform was to make a larger area on the rear of the boat for people to hang out on. That's why it's at the same level as the integrated step and why we put the telescopic ladders on it. The good news is we are a custom shop so when you order yours we can put...
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    Nordics latest Ski race rig!

    IMCO splitter box with IMCO SCXT uppers and SC lowers.
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    How to move a overhead gantry (havasu style)

    Only in Havasu!!
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    Outboard Church Meet Up Jun 22nd! - Roll Call

    Whenever you put your boat in the water!:D
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    Havasu pest control

    I just used Truly Nolan. Very happy with the service I got from them. NO MORE CRICKETS!!
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    Representing RDP!!!

    Bachelorette party in the channel. Lol
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    Nordic 35 Flame Twin 600 SCI (customer build)

    I might know him!! LOL!! Ask him if he likes firecrackers:D
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    Nordic 35 Flame Twin 600 SCI (customer build)

    Your correct!! Boat was just a hull when I came here 9 years ago. One of the first boats I rigged when I came here. Man does time fly!!!
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    OH FUK NO, burn that place down

    Them thar must be some giant leaves! LOL!
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    Daytona 500...Eliminator Daytona

    Kasey Kayne and Jeff Gordon boats both had TCM power. I know the guy that rigged them:D. Good times back then for sure!