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    Vegas house... on the market

    well kinda. We don’t like to be associated with “behind the Walmart” lol. We’re right behind the Camping World. It’s on the edge of town on the way to Boulder City. The area has always been great for us. 20 minutes from driveway to launch ramp, and a quick jump on the highway to go to the river...
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    So who got some for Valentine's Day?

    Made an amazing dinner, sent the kid and dog to bed, had “fun” in front of the fireplace!
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    Vegas house... on the market

    now that we’ve settled nicely in GA, and the middle of winter is behind us, it’s time to list our Vegas/Henderson house for sale. Our realtor just got it listed about 30 minutes ago. 4bd/3bath 1600 sq ft, nicely updated, fantastic party backyard, with almost 100’ of concrete gated boat/RV...
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    Attack on guns SB 1625

    it’s absolutely true in Las Vegas.
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    Next project: 65 Mustang pro-touring

    these have the switchback halo’s. White DRL, flash to amber for the signal
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    We’re outta here!!

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    Car haulers?

    I didn’t go with the cheapest I could find. The price is right with, if not a bit more than the general average that I’ve looked at. But threat doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to keep too much
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    Car haulers?

    Does anyone here do car hauling? I need our Q7 taken from Vegas to Atlanta. We were given a window from 12/24-12/28 for them to pick it up, and we keep being told they don’t have a carrier yet.
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    We’re outta here!!

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    We’re outta here!!

    The journey across America has begun.
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    How many members have posted on a regular basis since RDP started?

    Been on RDP since ‘07. Post a little bit. Lol
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    We’re outta here!!

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    Vegas Run!

    So you brought the rain!
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    that is what I use.