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    Home For Sale in South East Huntington Beach

    I live in Huntington Crest neighborhood. Prices keep going up! House around the corner sold in a week, I think it ended up at 1.2 mil. They completely gutted it from what I can see. I might need to sell out.........:) and retire.
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    Guns & Ammo section ???

    Hi Dave, Please add me to the Guns & Ammo forum. Thanks, NT
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    Work pics - Arizona

    Mitch is a sales guy, ex operator. I think he is working for Hill Crane?
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    Work pics - Arizona

    Craig, do you know Mitch Fosmore? NT
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    can someone post the link to the you tube video's? Thanks, NT
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Eastside is the best. I get free and easy parking across the street :). I am just on call this weekend, until Sunday. Stay Safe in garcetti's shit hole.
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    LOL! F Off HB parking Nazi's! Yes, I got a few HB parking tickets, in front of my house. Cool project, I have a 20' skeleton of a enclosed trailer. Always wanted to do a build on it. Maybe this will motivate me. I am in HB also, near Beach & Yorktown. let me know if you need any help. NT
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    Need a structural engineer in Havasu????

    Pool Engineering, Inc., Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Residential Improvement Structures I used these guy's a few years ago. They have multiple state licensing. I drew up the plans for a retaining wall at my LHC house, but put it on hold. But they did review and approve them, with a...
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    8yr old sons getting made fun of

    Send our kid to a Karate studio, our daughter went for a few years to Bob White's Karate studio in Costa Mesa. made blue belt. Friend of mine was an Instructor there at the time. He warned me, "she can hit hard bro". She started to get teased / bullied. We did the talk with the principle...
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    Question for welder /fab guys

    3rd picture, looks like a bad weld. The weld to the left of the coil. could have broke, causing the other tubes to fail. Like other have said, need to put it on a table & start measuring. NT
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    Metro Water Dist JOBS

    Job at Iron Mtn just posted. Equipment Operator, Maint. Tech 3.
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    Niko's is the best.
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    Welding Instruction in Havasu?

    If you were closer, I am getting ready to build a trailer for my Lincoln 500 commander welder. You could get alot of practice. I am supposed to have a neighbor come over & run a few stringers of 7018 rod. He has only used a HF 110 volt mig welder. NT
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    Mini Mill

    I just thought I would ask................... I don't have the room for a large mill, so I am looking for a mini mill / Table top type. It doesn't need to be perfect. I don't do any large work or high precision work. If anyone knows of someone that has a mill they don't use, or don't want...