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    Monterey M6

    Sold Going to Page where it belongs.
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    Monterey M6

    Bump W/ price drop
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    Monterey M6

    Shameless bump
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    Monterey M6

    2018 Monterey M6 Cleaner than the day it was delivered. First launched in 2019 82 hrs. 26 ft 102" beam 80 gal fuel. 6.2 300hp Bravo III W/DTS Options include Bow/cockpit covers,Bow filler cushions,Seadek floors, stereo remotes,two bank onboard battery charger,Pumpout head(never used),Gps...
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    big ocean fish question

    Take her to Cabo or east cape of Baja. Plan to fish three days and go after all the speicies. Marlin, yellow fin tuna, ono, dorado, yellow tail, grouper and if you really want some fun get just out side the surf and hook some rooster fish. If she really likes it ,then you can take her to the...
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    We lost a legend

    Phil Bergeron is unreplaceable. Not too many know the scope and reach he has had in the boating world. Designing and manufacturing parts for people all over the world. He loved what he did and loved alot of the people he did it for. He saved so many people hundreds of hours with his knowledge...
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    The Stones...

    Saw them at Cardnals stadium maybe eight years ago. They were really bad. My brothers garage band played their music better in the early seventies. Walked out. So sad.
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    Giants-LAD's talk

    If the DBacks get one more good starting pitcher and they escape major injuries they WILL be the team to beat. Last season they were VERY GOOD defensively and offensively. FUCK THE DODGERS
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    Hallett 21 Super Sport

    I would play with other props and make sure the out drive is tight. I have been in many SS 20s and not expierienced the walk.
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    My Needles Pics

    The hull is a Glen-L
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    Needles show pics...

    1976 Schiada 19 We finished it last Wednesday after three years of complete redo. 496 by Will Napier (proMod crew chief) paint by Jammie Jameson. Glad you liked it.
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    Happy Bday CampbellCarl!

    You made it to another one. Nice,very nice. Keep up the clean living
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    V Drive Advice

    Stevens GM 471 reverse induction Buick
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    V Drive Advice

    When do you want to drive it? Unless you really want the project buy that Vector. If you take a stage one boat and do most of the work yourself, it will take you years to complete.Unless you are retired then figure eighteen months. Normally you can save $$ buying a nice complete or less...
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    NEEDLES - Roll Call - Feb 22-24 - Who's Going????

    This Old Man Is in. And when it comes to refreshments,Experience tells me this group never ever ever goes without refreshments.