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    RDP Express: Long Beach to Parker

    I'm leaving in the morning for Parker from Long Beach.
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    For Tesla "hot rod sound"

    Just play the intro to Van Halen's Hot For Teacher full volume, it has that lumpy cam sound to it. They'll move.
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    Funny things said in Court

    Got this from a friend who's wife, like mine, is a court reporter. These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges...
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    Is that a Stevens?
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    I know, was just messing with you. Just got the river, you here for the races?
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    Randy W on the left, Kathy O on the right. Pics came from her. Who’s Jimmy?
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    I should have mentioned that the Havoc was one of the models of Performer Boats.
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    I know Schuster had bought Performer boats somewhere along the way but didn't know it was that far back. I thought it was in the early 60s after he left PowerCat. When dad went to work for him in the 60s they were still cracking out Performers along side the then new Tahiti model. Tropicana...
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    Anybody want an old 15’ Regatta?

    Funny, just yesterday an old friend sent me over 30 pics from River Lodge from ‘62-8 that he got from another of our friends. Brought back some great memories along with a little sadness as most our parents are gone now. Anyway a few of dads friends were really into Regatta’s back then...
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    Happiest City, in the USA

    They use to have 2 drag strips in Fremont, one for cars and next to it one for boats. I went to the car drags several times but the boat deal was already dead.
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    Paragon Headers

    I had to look them up to see what he's referring to and found this pic. Its from some guy selling them for $175 12 years ago.
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    Boating the actual “river”

    I don't want to turn this into a trip down memory lane because that's not what this thread is about but it was a much different place back then. Our flat bottom tied up inside and my youngest cousin casting off the dock. Everyone fished so much there was a cleaning station at the up river end...
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    Omega Boats - quality? Problems? Rumors?

    that's just shitty workmanship. The only job that center 'stringer' has is to hold the floor up, having it 3/4 below the top of the stringers is pretty funny actually. Nice little dip in the floor to retain water.
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    Right now at Foxes

    I dove in last weekend and it was pretty cold, on a par with falling in a stream up in the Sierras.