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    I Can't Breathe!

    I’m not sure what’s more tasteless Grad taking the time post this or the general “Funniest thing I’ve seen today” reaction. There is nothing humorous about this, to me anyway.
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    Don't watch his show

    Big difference between doing “black face” and doing an impersonation or playing a character. This “All Woke” society can suck my dick.
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    Hyundai or Kia

    Buddy of mine bought a Palisade and it’s really nice, his wife loves it.
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    Smaller boat organization.

    All I know is, no matter how organized I have things at the start of the day it’s all undone by the end.
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    Hot, black and bitter, like my women.
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    Memorial Weekend in Chicago - "People were feeling restless"

    Sounds like they are back to normal there.
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    Wanted Swim step for a V-drive 21’ Schiada River Cruiser

    I put a big teak platform on my Hallett vdrive cruiser. I mounted it to the control rod with keyed pillow blocks and hinges so that it goes up and down with the electric plates and can also fold straight up to fit in the garage. It has 4 supports. that are extended turnbuckles with plate pads...
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    Dumbass of the day award goes to me.

    I can’t count how many times I’ve hung up the phone and said to myself, “WTF did I just say?”.
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    Some people have a weird sense of humor

    Rob Schneider was great as always.
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    Teak swimstep repair

    If you have someone do it, through bolt it with countersink bolts.
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    So you think your trailer / ramp game is on point?

    That was a long road to a little house.
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    Words and Phrases That Really Get Under My Craw

    “Or no?” at the end of every fucking question.
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    [SOLD] 1977 Campbell Daycruiser V-drive

    Hell of a deal!
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    Lee turbo intercooler gaskets?

    Thanks, I ordered some from GT, should have them Monday. Don’t need the leaky cords, but appreciate the offer.