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    Havasu Kitchen Remodel Contractor

    Kirk is in Parker, near the dam, and has a great reputation for quality work. Been remodeling kitchens for many years in Parker after having moved the business from Orange County. Kirk Daniels 4807 Hwy 95 Parker, AZ 85344 928 667 7306
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    2 things that will turn the US economy around?

    Isn't it interesting that obama is going to give us more of the same? Another 300-400 $Billion printed up to do what, fix roads? Check out your gasoline prices and see how much of the price is taxes designated for maintenance of the highways and bridges. What happens to that money? I think most...
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    Cole Boats 25-S

    Call Pete Giroux at Giroux boats. He constructs and is very familiar with Coles and may have the answer you seek. Giroux Boats 818 203 8695
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    Steve McQueen

    I've always been a fan of Steve McQueen! I remember dirt bike riding up in Santa Clarita and Steve would show up with his 360 Husqvarna and obviously was a very good rider. Afterwards, we asked him if he wanted to join us for a beer, to our surprise he accepted. He was just one of the boys and...
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    Who's a good mechanic in Parker?

    All good info, be back in Parker Friday to follow up. I'll post results if interesting.
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    Who's a good mechanic in Parker?

    I've got this old ski boat with a 60's Pontiac in it which has been sitting for a couple of years now during a refurb. Cleaned the carbs, new plugs, checked timing, etc. I just cannot get it to run "clean", now want to turn the job over to a Pro and get back on the water. Anybody in Parker...
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    Are You A Racist? Take This Test & Find Out

    No, doesn't change a thing about how I hate the Kenyan. Seems he lost that Muslim look in that photo however!!
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    Our Parker Pixs July 23rd - 26th 2010

    Say....what were you using to catch those fish?
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    Underwater LED's

    Haven't seen one of those set ups in Parker, but I don't always sit out at night and look at the boats. But....I'm sure it would be very attention getting at the Saturday night parties on the river!
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    Parker at Night

    Wow, great shots! What camera were you using?
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    West Coast Marine!!! Thanks Danny

    Very, very attractive. Would you mind sharing a "ballpark" price for such a job? How long is that boat?
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    Metal Wax.. Long Story short.

    I ordered the sample 3 pack, using the RDP offer, and the guy offered me the HiPo stuff in lieu of the 10% ( a better deal). I then decided to try it out and polish my two cav plates. On the left plate I did with the usual routine of Mother's followed by Simichrome, the right plate with the...
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    Deadliest Catch Tonite

    I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed here, Phil was one of those "one of a kind" type of guys that you feel like you knew after all these years. I still like his "crab fart" theory even after captain Keith put it down with his comments. I always wondered why Josh and Jake...
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    Its tough waking up to this view every morning!

    Lake Powell is gorgeous and you feel closer to the "maker". Went PWC'ing there last year and cannot wait to get back. Have a great time!
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    12v cooler

    Try www.warehouseappliance.com. in Arizona. They have a 12v cooler that we used on a baja buggy trip and was connected to the buggy's 12V electrical system and it kept ice cream frozen for a week. In camp it was hooked to one of those 18x36 solar panels which provided enough juice to keep it...