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  • Looking to either add a policy or dump the current one I have with State Farm...

    You still in the game??
    If your buddy can't find a place to stay for DS, I'll rent him my house for $500 plus the cleaning fee for the week. I can send picks if you need them.
    I will have to get Michele's email from Linda.she is still in CA and I will be talking to her this afternoon.
    Walt we are going to Jamaica this year instead of Desert Storm. I wish the girls had picked a different date, but it is what it is. Thanks for the invite though.
    I'll call when something happens on the home front. Hopefully soon but I don't know yet.
    I would but they are in Washington State. I'll be going up there at the end of the month but will not be back until after Monster Bash. Sorry.
    I can't tell from the pics check the vin # with Eliminator if it's is remember thier made ONLY 12 of the 10' cats so they can be able to race them! If it is JUMP ALL OVER IT it's a collecter it's somethink you should check in to!!!:thumbsup
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