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    Corporal Hunter Lopez

    RIP And thank you for your service
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    Wood Boat Show in Coeur D Alene Idaho (lots of picture)

    Just beautiful boats. Thanks for posting
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    Friday Night In America

    Friday Night Lights....awesome, Your kid out there or ? My nephew is senior at Alta Loma high. Told my kid your gonna miss this... all thru high school
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    Is there a truck scale in Havasu?

    Question...Any of you guys have a Harley/bike lift on single rear( not tag). My buddy has one on his entregra with a tag. I have a Fleetwood Providence with freightliner chassis,want to take Harley and the jeep towd just not sure about that much Ass end weight ( lift and bike ). Any one doing this ?
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    California has the best tow rigs...

    This guy keeps a tidy campground 🤣Notice the guitar is easily accessible.....
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    RIP .....Used to go there with my buddies uncle in the late 70 s when we were kids. Staying at Wheeler inn and seemingly everyone from the park would go up to play pool and drink in the afternoons. We would watch the flats come out in the afternoons and make passes.Probly why I had a flatbotom...
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    Kentucky Texas Roadhouse honors 13 fallen service members

    RIP to the those brave men , saw this was done at local establishment (flying x). I’m sure it’s being done all over the country
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    RIP: 12 US Servicemen were killed today at Kabul Airport

    RIP service men. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with this administration, sleepy Joe is just doing what he's told.he can't string a sentence together much less make global decisions. Hold on it's gonna get way worse IMO
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    That is very cool !
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    Patriot Meeting in LHC

    This about says it all👆🏻
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    KMET. Lol it was going back and forth between the 2.
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    (Video) The Pomona Swap meet is back!

    That's cool. Did you go and check out the complete cars for sale. I've never been wondering what the prices are like. I'll take a 70 1/2 z28 please 😉
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    People we know lost their 19 year old son in Copper Canyon yesterday.

    Condolences to the family and friends
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    My Dad Finally Got It

    That's awesome,wow good looking pair right there!