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    Fading Gelcoat Colors Challenges Due to Sun & Age......Need Advice

    I don't know when exactly the vendors started removing the Lead from gelcoat. I had a early 1990's Checkmate where the gelcoat oxidized and faded really quickly. Yet the 1987 Eliminator I sold recently had 30+ year old gel that just started to show some sun fading and nearly zero oxidation.
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    Fading Gelcoat Colors Challenges Due to Sun & Age......Need Advice

    In the end there is really no "fixing" faded Gelcoat. When they took the Lead (Pb) out of gelcoat in the early 1990's is when this became more prevalent
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    Pure Gas - Ethanol Free

    Sunoco used to sell 94 unleaded at one time, though that was unique to them. Everyone else sold 93. Now what I see is 87, 89, and 91 uniformly everywhere. The non-ethanol is 90. The fuels marketers have changed. Now it's Speedway (formerly Hess), Marathon (formerly Mobil), and Sunoco. with a...
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    Sneaky Chi-Coms

    THe time has come to declare the Chi-Com's a criminal enterprise and global threat to humanity.
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    Tire Help PLEASE

    My experience with tires is that Cooper is the best tire for the money. I have run Cooper Discoverer AT3 on both of my vehicles. On the 4Runner they are P265/65-17 and I get the 50k on them. On the Sequoia it came with P275/55-20 and I would burn them off in less than 25k. I upsized to...
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    Pontoon must haves

    The one to buy is the Dodici 12 foot beam.
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    Pontoon must haves

    A driver... You will never have a conversation with anyone besides yourself when you are behind the wheel
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    June a Record Month for New Boat Sales

    Sold one of my boats in less than two weeks at a significant premium. It was time to get out, because of the market. I was NEVER going to go $$$ positive on that sale in a normal economy. I'm waiting the market to September to see what pops at the end of the season and to see if the higher...
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    Wake boat wakes

    The solution...challenge him. Get his registration number and file a claim against his insurance since his liability follows his wake until it reaches shore. That's how you're going to stop them from doing dumb shit like running with the ballast full.
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    Trailer Tires Balanced?

    Mine too. Never considered going unbalanced.
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    34 years later, I finally watched...

    these kids today have no idea of the pleasures of drive-in movies. piece of Americana that went to the wayside, and is making a comeback in the age of the 'Rona. If you look at the script and timing of the film, and relate it to the drive-in theater...you had the planes and stuff, for him, the...
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    34 years later, I finally watched...

    Of course it was....it was/is drive-in movie fare. Nobody actually watches the entire thing. If you're not fornicating in the first 30 minutes of a drive-in, you're doing something wrong.
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    Tim Mcdonald update.

    Court ordered restitution is not the same as a judgement. Restitution has to be paid, and they can seize property to satisfy the restitution claim. 4 1/2 years is still hard time even if he does 1/3 of it. He'll be living in greybar hotel. Even medium security has murderers in it.
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    Will the lights ever shine again, or is she too far gone?

    'Rona is an easy excuse. Looks like it's ready to collapse with all of that bracing. Tear it down and start anew.