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    How quick bad shit happens.

    holy crap, Do you know how much force it takes to flip a truck like that. Did the guy live?
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    Yay thieves!

    Time for one of these bad boys
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    MOUZER' is looking for a 1990,s lowered crewcwb dually

    Dam this thread makes me miss my old OBS chevy crewcab.
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    I'll just leave this here.

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    CNC Motors Fraud Investigation

    I don't think anyone is signing the titles when they give them the cars to sell. That's why so many people are confused when they say there car sold but they didn't sign anything. It sounds like CNC forges the signatures for some reason. Which seems weird since they have permission to sell...
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    Brisket style tri-tip

    Looks good 👍
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    RR vs SxS

    I don't remember where I heard this but most of the deaths' on tracks are suicides'. They know the train can't stop.
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    Love my 5th Wheel Trailer

    Just remember you will need 110v to run it. So inverter or shore power or generator where your jenson probably works off of 12v so you can run it anytime.
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    Barrett Jackson purchase

    Love it, nice car.
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    Surge brakes

    post a pic of it hooked up to your truck. I am wondering if the angle is wrong or if the drop trailer hitch is flexing and causing this.
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    ya, have used it a couple of times over the years. They replaced my phone each time.
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    I am not a RVIA expert at all. Actually looking back on the posts the only person that keeps talking about RVIA is Ka0tyk. It looks like merc_400 posted the RVIA links because Ka0tyk was saying his way was correct because he is following the RVIA guidelines. No one is telling Ka0tyk that he...
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    What is the Best Way to Prevent or Slow Down Theft of Catalytic Converters?

    20 seconds are rookie numbers. I know a guy who's Dad's neighbor was in the backyard heard the Sawzall ran through the gate and saw the car driving hauling ass away with his cat, he said maybe 10 to 12 seconds from when he heard the Sawzall. True story
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    I didn't see his posts as being disrespectful. He literally posted a link with all the safety guidelines for building an RV that RVIA requires. I think that was his nice/blunt way of saying here is the correct way to do it, in paper. That way if he says you need all wires in walls in a...