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    Outcoled ? MIA

    I’m still here, mostly lurking, but still around.
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    I've been twice, if you haven't been, go! It's amazing the shit you will see. We brought out a couple XR70's for transportation. It's a big event. It would take days to try to walk the pits.
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    Pulled the trigger in LV

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    Islander RV Resort Park Model

    Since you don't own the land, it will never appraise. Some sellers may carry the loan.
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    Happy Birthday to That Guy

    Never met the guy that I know of, but his wife is nice.
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    So how many husbands and partners.....

    My wife holds grudges for shit I haven't even done yet.
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    Don Burda - boat lettering by a true artist

    He did both my last few boats. Great guy.
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    Whats the point of having good passwords?

    So about once a week I get an email from some hacker similar to this: ĩ know ********* one of yoŭr pass. Lts get directly to pŭrpos. None has cőmpnsated m tő invstigate about yőu. You may not know me and yőu ăre probably thinking why you are getting thĩs mail? i stup a malwar on the adult...
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    Happy Birthday HavasuHank

    Fuck Hank...... Somebody had to say it. Happy Birthday Buddy.
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    Ceramic window tint on windshield, anyone?

    I had it done, about a month later, rock took out my windshield. Didn’t spend the money the second time.
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    So, Women's Team Won Some Soccer Thing...

    She really is a piece of shit.
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    Outside sales. Who does it and what do you sell

    I sell trim in Vegas.
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    Lotto anyone?

    I’m going to bow out, best of luck.