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    learn me on the SXS

    I'd Get a 1000xp non-turbo for low 20's. If you can drive and get the suspension done, you will keep up with 99% of UTV's in the open desert. I agree w/ above...2000mi or less is ideal.
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    [WTB] Want to buy dirbike for 10 year old - XR100, TTR 125, etc - what you got?

    I have a low hour TT110 Ill be listing very soon. 2500
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    Calling all RDP Realtors

    San Diego. I can do a class on marketing/farming.
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    Backyard Detail service - New biz

    Genius idea!
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    BBQ island construction////Advise//////Comments///////Poke holes in my ideas?? LOL!

    I recommend buying a pre-fabbed frame. They aren’t expensive and save a ton of time and hassle.
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    Fusion Head Units … Thoughts?

    Have a MS-RA70 on my golf cart and Howard. Absolutely love them. Bluetooth is hooked up instantly. They are easy to use. The interface is super easy to use.
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    Insurance on 28 Decks..Whats your price?

    Sounds about right.
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    New Years UTV Rides

    Dude spend some of that commission and buy one...You'll love it once you try it. P,us your kids will dig riding around town in it.
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    New Years UTV Rides

    I like that idea! Here is the route I have through standard...Mostly flat and straight after standard wash.
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    New Years UTV Rides

    Goldfish is 55mi each way. A lot of fast sections. 12/30 - 8am - Goldfish Pond?
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    New Years UTV Rides

    Anyone want to schedule some rides between xmas and New Years? I'd like to do Havasu to Goldfish Pond? 55mi each way...Stop for gas/lunch Havasu to Avi? Laughlin? Hualapai? @Bpracing1127 @LargeOrangeFont @Mikes56 @DLC
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    Camping at Alamo lake

    I'm 100% in but would have to have a Cabin to sleep.
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    Dealers sticking to the consumer

    My uneducated opinion is this… Dealers will stock a handful of each model. You will pay MSRP +++ to get one from the lot. You will pay MSRP for a new order and wait for it to be finished. No more rebates and fancy BS. Pick a car, pay the price.
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    Islander RV

    Please DM me if you have a place at Islander for sale.
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    SoCal Tattoo Artist Recommendations

    I had a well-known guy lined up and he went MIA...Does anyone have a referral for a "realistic color" tattoo artist who isn't booked years out? Anywhere in SoCal/Vegas/Phoenix/Etc. Not looking for a strip-mall tweeker tattoo...I want high quality and willing to pay for skilled artists.