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    Insurance question

    My Magic is with them as well...Others were much higher.
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    3 Boat Accidents in the same spot in 24 hrs

    Its the "Perfect Storm" (Foxes/Current/Sandbar/Traffic/Sundance). For some reason, I always take it easy around that corner. The boat always acts differently there and then when you mix in some clown towing a tube and 3 other boats trying to pass with a couple dumb f*ck jet skiers to the mix...
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    Make your voice heard! Regulations coming to Parker

    Wow...Here we go...
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    Stock Market - My Thoughts - love to hear your opinion

    Im at a loss...I cut my losses a month ago and wake up to these wild positive swings. I've been trying to buy a boat for the last 2 weeks and everything I find is sold within a day...Im so confused...
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    Fishers Landing On The Water

    I get the whole "don't come here" stuff cause you must go there. However, compared to other parts of the river, that area is a shit hole. Shallow water, lack of facilities, etc.
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    Magic Deck Boats

    I may be in the minority here, but my Magic doesn't rattle or make a single sound whatsoever. Absolutely solid as a rock. When I had some speakers installed along the front step, the installer (Speed of Sound) said it was the thickest he had ever seen. Maybe I got lucky? I've been so happy with...
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    Fishers Landing On The Water

    The place sucks. You have to be worried about Sandbars and there is not much around if you need anything. You have to go into Yuma. Oh, and the water is not clear at all. I'm not a fan.
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    So will Havasu get even busier now?

    I will be there EVERY weekend until Sports and/or school return.
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    Do I need to buy this...
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    I've had 2 and cant get them to work. Tried 2 engines also.
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    So Cal real estate market

    We actually have agents throughout the state. The Majority are in SD/OC/LA/IE. While demand has obviously dropped, so has the inventory as nobody wants to sell now.
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    So Cal real estate market

    I own an RE company in SoCal with 400 agents. Those are huge numbers regardless of where you are. On a side note, our Property Management Co. manages 150 rentals and only 1 is on a payment plan. I'm at a loss as to why things are staying strong.
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    meanwhile in Santee. New masks!

    Damn...Just when Santee was starting to get a good name....Bam!
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    My Hallett 335 Thread

    They are top-notch. I've used them for bimini, carpet, and cover. I would use again in a heartbeat!
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    Shock collar fishing at Parker...

    What if I told you I have a spot that my son and I caught 7 Large Mouth Bass in 1hr? On a Rapala!