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    This captcha stuff is getting out of control...

    This screen absolutely blows.
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    Powerful - and deletes the argument

    Been to Gettysburg a few times. The best by far was about 8 years ago. We toured the west battlefield on Segways. Show up 30 before tour time to get acquainted with the Segway's operation (super easy) then through town streets and into the park. Tour guide was on two way radio. We zipped around...
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    Class C motorhome hitch

    Tow police? Really? My comment was not in any way intended as criticism, but as trying to help a fellow boater avoid an expensive lesson with,something that they may or may not already be aware of. Good luck to you and yours.
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    In addition to HEB and Costco, Kroger's also carries tri-tip when you can find it. Moves quick in North TX. Like most said, some folks around have never heard of it, but I think it's starting to catch on. My neighbor is having his processor include them for us because they've only heard about...
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    Class C motorhome hitch

    Might want to verify the towing capacity of your MH if it isn't already known. Some manufacturers purposely don't add a hitch because the vehicle isn't designed to tow anything ( just enough steel on the rear end to support for the coach) owner then puts on a receiver so they can mount a bike...
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    Houston area

    Might have them check out Kingwood and Atascocita (sp?) areas. Little closer to Houston than some of the others mentioned, but still pretty decent areas.
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    Houston area

    Good plan. We did essentially that two years ago and haven't looked back. The move has been one of the best decisions that our kid's families, one in N Houston and one in N Dallas, have made. Good luck to all.
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    Do you carry an extra lanyard key?

    I keep a few spares onboard of things like lanyard, drain plug, impeller, and fuses in case of an emergency.
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    School me on Huntington Beach

    What Whatexit said. HB used to be a great city, loved everything about it. Lived there for 28 years. Then about 10 -15 years ago, the cIty council caught the environmental and tourism money bugs and ruined it. Same thinking as Sacramento. Last few years of living there couldn’t even go...
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    cowboy boots?

    Had Tony Lama years ago and loved them. Currently wear Nocona, Lucchese exotics and Justin ropers for working. I believe that Justin (also decent) is the parent company of Tony Lama, Nocona and Justin. Each brand fits differently so you really need to try them on. A couple really good ways to...
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    looking for 2 calif ccw compliant s and w shield 9mm

    S&W Shield EZ for the win. Wife has one in .380 as her carry pistol and loves it. She's dealt with carpal tunnel for years and has no issues with the EZ's operation.
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    Where do you get your American flags?

    The difference is in how they are constructed. Some are well built, others not so much. We get a lot of high wind in our area. I used to be able to have one flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol during President Reagan's term as my daily flyer. Lasted a long time, but then moved to a very...
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    Where do you get your American flags?

    Depends on the purpose of the flag. For day-to-day flying, I get a decent high wind resistant flag. For special occasions, I get one from my congressman's office. Excellent quality, inexpensive and can be flown in honor of the occasion. Usually takes a few weeks unless you happen to be close by...
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    should I be politically correct or not??

    In today’s climate, it could also give you unwanted publicity from some illiterate that takes the sticker as a challenge, if only to profit from a perceived societal slur.
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    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    Tried talking directly to the neighbor, filling glass jars with water and stategicly leaving them in the yard, wolf urine, granular cat deterrents, None of them worked. Neither the city nor the SPCA will do anything. When all else fails, about the only option left short of dispatching it would...